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What’s Wrong With Camping On The Sahara Desert? – What Travelers Should Know!

by Richard

The Sahara Desert is where you would expect to see camels and dunes, not people camping. Camping on the Sahara Desert is not an activity that many would think of doing. Most people might be a little uncomfortable with the idea of sleeping under the stars in such a vast and open desert.

In this article below, we will tell you about some truths and the answer to the question, “What’s wrong with camping on the Sahara desert?” Let’s check it out now!

What’s Wrong With Camping On The Sahara Desert?

If you have never gone camping before, the Sahara desert is an ideal place for you. Camping in the middle of nowhere, away from all distractions and with nothing but stars above you? It’s so dreamy!

You may even see some images of this desert on social media accounts and always dream about camping there with your friends or family next time!

Coming to the Sahara desert, you can get a luxurious camping experience with glamorous amenities that include native tour guides. There are also tour guides for when travelers want to make themselves more familiar with this unfamiliar place!

Visiting the Sahara desert is always an experience that brings people back for more. The sunburnt earth, exotic animals, and plants in their natural habitats are the main draws to this dry landscape. It has the milky way that you can see for miles in all directions and a camel’s trek that offers visitors.

However, there are also some truths about this desert that you should know. Many people also ask, “What’s wrong with camping on the Sahara desert?”. For starters, it’s not as glorious or romanticized in movies that people watch nowadays like Netflix has made us think of them being.

I never knew that camping in the Sahara desert could be so dangerous! A lot of people said they would feel uncomfortable and unsafe during their trip, but why?

Let’s go through some problems that you can have when you go camping there.

What Are The Difficulties When Camping On The Sahara Desert?

You might think camping in the Sahara desert sounds like an amazing idea at first glance but let us give you these facts below before it is too late!

However, I’m not going to get in your way. Just as a side note: if you want some tips on camping out here, let me know because this could come in handy one day.

Here are some surprising truths about “What’s wrong with camping on the Sahara desert?”. Keep reading and notice for your trip. 

Sahara Desert’s Harsh Climate

The Sahara desert is a harsh climate, and it also set the record with a temperature of 58 degrees celsius – the highest temperature in the world.

Moreover, the Sahara desert is an amazing place as its lowest temperature is nearly -6 degrees celsius, which seems like a far cry from its scorching summertime highs due to the lack of humidity at night time greatly reduces daytime heat levels in this part of the earth.

If you are not suitable for the changing climate, this trip can be difficult for you.

Getting Lost

Getting lost is also the most common answer for “What’s wrong with camping on the Sahara desert?”.

This situation happened in 2019 with an Australian woman. She got lost while camping in the Sahara desert. She has overcome thanks to the SOS signal. In particular, she wrote clearly in the sand with her finger and made sure it was visible for aircraft pilots who might happen upon them at just the right time.

However, it is just fortune. People who are intelligent or know how to survive in emergencies are likely to overcome it.

The Sahara desert is vast as its size is nearly China. So nobody wants to get lost in this immense stretch of sand, right? There are no shortcuts if you’re stuck out there with no one else around for miles-no food or water and nothing but sand on all sides.

Be Prepared Or Having An Experienced Leader During Camping

The Sahara desert is a harsh place so it is not easy for everyone to discover it for themselves. If you’re going to visit this wild and remote region at first and you want an experience like none other, you should hire a leader with plenty of experience who knows how harsh conditions are out here!

The best recommendation for you is a native tour guide. He knows everything about how to live well in a remote part of the Sahara desert, with wild animals and a climate that can be challenging at times but also rewarding when you make it through!

The biggest problem in choosing a leader is that you don’t know them well enough. Fake information may be filtering your opinion, so it’s important to clarify any doubts before believing what they say.

Unplug From Technology

If you’re the kind of person who spends all their time on social media, this place is not for you. However, if you have enough patience, you can come downtown. It turns out to be one big photography opportunity so that you can take photos of it and post them on social media.

The absence of wifi, 3G, or 4G might be an issue when camping. It is not easy to contact your buddies and share some interesting stories with them while on vacation- especially if you are in the middle of nowhere! You cannot also post any images on Facebook despite the spectacular view here. 

Therefore, the lack of modern technology is also the answer “What’s wrong with camping on the Sahara desert?”

In this case, you can use a SIM card that is suitable for some international trips.

Freshwater Restriction

Without a doubt, the Sahara desert mainly contains saltwater fish. Where else would there be freshwater? The answer is Fugazi Pond!

When the temperature increases, you may become more thirsty than usual. That’s why it is important to know how exactly one drinks and stores freshwater in such situations for your body to stay hydrated and remain healthy through any hot weather adventures!


Sandstorm is also one answer for “What’s wrong with camping on the Sahara desert?”

Sandstorms are a topic that many people have ever watched on TV. But when a sandstorm occurs in the Sahara, it can be difficult to predict where this desert will happen because there’s so much space between locations. Even locals haven’t been able to predict exactly when or how often they’ll occur with accuracy.


I hope that through this article, you have known the challenges that face those living in the Sahara desert. And now “What’s wrong with camping on the Sahara desert ” is no longer an enigma! Therefore, you should consider carefully before deciding to go camping there.

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