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What Type Of Mustache Did Charlie Chaplin Wear? – For Those For Curious About Beards!

by Richard

Are you a fan of Mr. King of Comedy – Charlie Chaplin? If yes, then you might be impressed with his signature mustache. After all, not everyone gets the name of this special mustache.

If you are curious, “What type of mustache did Charlie Chaplin wear?” This article is for you.

What Type Of Mustache Did Charlie Chaplin Wear?

Now, we find out What type of mustache did Charlie Chaplin wear? This facial hair is called the “Toothbrush”. It is known as one of the most comical mouth hairstyles. The comedy king wanted to have this for his character, which made him stand out in films.

At first glance, this Toothbrush mustache stands out because of its simplicity. To be more specific, this one only covers about 1.6 – 2 inches above your mouth. This mouth hairstyle has two seemingly straight-up sides, unlike the others, which are tapered.

It has been named a toothbrush because its shape resembles the bristles of a brush.

Why Is Charlie Chaplin’s Mustache Famous?

So, you know, “What type of mustache did Charlie Chaplin wear? “Although Charlie Chaplin didn’t invent the Toothbrush mustache, he made it renowned. And his iconic facial hair has become an international symbol for comedy.

In the 1910s, the king of comedy took it and transformed it into the character of the Tramp. In a media interview in 1933, he asserted that this mustache was his most perfect selection.

The British actor was hoping that his new whiskers would make people feel funny. Moreover, the tiny beard was not enough to hide his facial expressions when he acted.

History Of Toothbrush Mustache

In The United States of America

In the late 19th century, this beard style quickly became prevalent in the US with a simple and easy-to-maintain style. In addition, many workers in the US have used it because of its neatness.

In Germany

Before the 19th century, the Germans were very fond of the Kaiser mustache. But then this mouth hairstyle, “Toothbrush,” became popular in Germany and countries in Western Europe. In detail, the New York Times newspaper recorded images of German men wearing this beard in 1907.

Famous People Who Have Worn Toothbrush Mustache

You already received the answer to “What type of mustache did Charlie Chaplin wear?” Charlie Chaplin was not the only well-known person to wear a Toothbrush beard. And there are many celebrities below who also use this mouth hairstyle.

Hans Koeppen

The next figure we want to mention is the German car racer. In 1908, Hans Koeppen wore the whiskers and entered from New York (the US) to Paris (France). He is 6 feet in height, quite slender. And especially with the middle beard above his lips, which is the highlight of this racer.

Michael Jordan

Maybe you’ve seen Michael Jordan, the great basketball player, and legend. He also put the Toothbrush facial hair but did you know how he dressed up his mouth hair? He left a gap between his nose and his whiskers!

Oliver Hardy

When the Toothbrush whiskers became trendy for tramp characters, it was quickly adopted by comedians like Laurel and Hardy.

Unlike Chaplin, Hardy wore this mouth hairstyle because he felt it fit the circumstances of the characters he plays. It brought tragic features. Moreover, Hardy took advantage of this style to praise these pitiful characters.

Charles de Gaulle

Another character who also pursued this mouth hairstyle during World War II is de Gaulle. But he discarded this style to differentiate himself from Hitler and the French puppet regime known as Vichy France.

Georgy Zhukov

Zhukov is known as one of the greatest Soviet fighters of World War II. He used this beard style during the war as a commanding officer

And similar to de Gaulle, Zhukow dropped this mustache when Hitler deemed it obsolete.

How To Grow Charlie Chaplin Mustache?

So you have the response of “What type of mustache did Charlie Chaplin wear?” and we will show you how to nurture it.

Honestly, developing this mustache is very simple. First, you let the beard on your mouth grow, then you shave the sides and leave a small part above the lips and below the nose.

How To Maintain a Toothbrush Mustache?

“What type of mustache did Charlie Chaplin wear?” Of course, you already have the answer to this question. Let us guide you on some tips to maintain this mouth hairstyle.

  • Trimming mustache: Frequently barbering the mouth hairstyle is essential to its appearance.
  • Mustache Wax: You should use a comb when applying mustache wax to your beard because of the low-bristled styling.
  • Washing and Conditioning: Should use a shampoo specifically for beard is the best way.


If you are fond of this mouth hairstyle, don’t hesitate to nurture it. Charlie Chaplin’s beard is really easy to maintain, especially since many famous people worldwide have used this beard.

Hopefully, “What type of mustache did Charlie Chaplin wear?” will be useful to you, and thank you for your reading!

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