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What Is Duplex Printing? A Complete Answer

by Richard

When you have to go to work, you have to be happy with the pile of documents, papers, and printing. Surely you will be frustrated when you look at each sheet of paper coming out of the printer?

Duplex printing is an amazing solution, with just a few taps, it will give you space to breathe easier in your work. So exactly what is duplex printing? And what sets it apart from others? Keep reading to find all the interesting information.

What Is Duplex Printing?

Before answering the question, what is duplex printing?, let’s imagine a document printing process. You set the print job button and sheet by sheet, but you realize that the printer is completely functional to help you reduce the overwhelming workload. You can do duplex printing.

Some computer printers and multifunction printers (MFPs) have a duplex printing feature, which allows a sheet of paper to be printed on both sides automatically.

Print devices that lack this feature can only print on one side of the paper, a process known as single-sided printing or simplex printing. Particularly, duplex printing refers to a printer’s ability to print on both sides of the paper simultaneously.

Whether the printer has one or two printer engine duplexers affects the duplex printing process. A single-engine duplexer prints one side of the page first, then reverses to print the other. The printer will print both sides of the medium simultaneously with a double-engine duplexer.

Now you get the answer to the inquiry, what is duplex printing? Another great point is to know the way it works. Keep reading the following section.

How Does Duplex Printing Work?

It is best to continue the article on what is duplex printing? is to know its mechanism. Depending on which type of your duplexer, one or two print engines.

With single-engine duplexer, each page will be printed on one side first, then flips over on the other side. With double-engines duplexer, both sides will be printed at the same time.

Using the data from your PC, a conductor belt will generate a picture of both sides. The page picture will be sent to one of two transfuser belts, which combine and apply ink as papers pass through the printer.

Firstly, you will need a printer that has duplex functionality. If the model number ends in a ‘D,’ your printer will most likely have it. For example, 2600DN. The availability and configuration of duplex printing, like other printer-related technologies, varies between makes and types of printers.

If you select the option to use the toolbar on your computer and your printer device has two-sided printing features, the computer monitor will connect to the printer to match your two-sided printing.

The printer will print all one side for the first time, then either you have to flip the print over to the next side manually. The printer will automatically turn the paper over and print the other side as usual for automatic printers.

Duplex printing is an effective solution to save money and protect the environment by making the most of the sides of a sheet of paper. That’s all about the answer to the question, what is duplex printing? and How does it work? The next section is to get its pros and cons.

Advantages Of Duplex Printing

#1. Time-Saving

The duplex printing helps you print both sides at the same time easily. You will not have to turn over the paper manually, saving much time.

#2. Save Money

You can reduce paper usage by up to 50% when duplex printing instead of using single-sided paper. It may not be worth mentioning with a small number of documents, but it can cost a huge expense if you print in a large volume.

#3.  Protect The Environment

This problem cannot be ignored when the earth gradually loses forests to exchange raw materials for paper production. The process of transporting it is also a cause of environmental pollution.

Reducing the amount of paper by duplex printing is a way to keep the environment cleaner.

Disadvantages Of Duplex Printing

Multifunction gadgets are now using this technology. However, providing the equipment for the organization is also fairly costly. Add in the inevitable humiliation that comes with being exposed to contemporary technology.

Furthermore, in the worst-case scenario, the size of the equipment is relatively large. Honestly, duplex printing is not the best option. So look at both aspects, and you will come up with the best and most appropriate answer.


So that’s all our answer to the question, what is duplex printing? In a nutshell, it is a great solution to help you save printing time and use less paper.

You will be hard-pressed to be disappointed in the fantastic benefits duplex printing has to offer. What are you waiting for? Let’s buy a printer with this full feature and experience it for yourself.  

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