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What Color Shoes To Wear With A Plum Dress?

by Richard

Whenever we take on any outfit, we always wonder what shoes to wear, especially when we wear a plum dress.

“What color shoes to wear with plum dress?” This article will suggest ways to choose the most matched shoes to make your plum outfits much more attractive.

What Color Shoes To Wear With A Plum Dress?

There are many options for us to choose a pair of shoes that work well with our clothes. “What color shoes to wear with plum dress?” Let’s find out some of the best choices!

Black Color

If you’re wondering “What color shoes to wear with plum dress”, the obvious answer is a pair of black shoes. Black goes with any color obviously, and it should be the top priority when you don’t know what color to match with your favorite plum dress.

When you go to serious events, black color is the most formal color you can choose for your shoes. They can also mix-match with professional environments, giving you an edgy look.

And if you wonder, “What color shoes to wear with plum dress?” Well, there’s nothing more stylish than some elegant pumps that will take center stage of any event from work time up until home stretch on election night, when you are in a plum dress.  

You might get away with black shoes if you’re wearing a more casual lilac dress, but it will look heavier and unflattering. However, a bright shade such as tomato or fuchsia is better for this type of clothing because they have brighter colors that won’t compete against your skin tone as much in contrast.

If you want to make your plum dress pop with your black shoes, consider using more black items and accessories, such as a leather jacket or a pair of glasses. However, this outlook can look a bit too dark and gothic, so you may consider mix-match items accordingly to your event.

Plum Shoes

When matching plum shoes with a plum dress, you must beware of how the color matches. If the shade is too different, it can endanger your outfit too. You don’t want to look weird when wearing too much purple shade at once.

So, make sure that your plum dress and shoes come from one pattern or one collection for the colors to match differently.

However, if you are not careful, you can make things too matchy-matchy on casual days out with friends or family, who might think that this is a too eerily similar-looking outfit for an event.

Gold Shoes

We all know that yellow and purple are contrasting colors. So, matching yellow, or gold shoes with a plum dress can be great if you want to stand out in a crowd. If you can do a great mix-match, this outfit will be your next favorite outfit.

This particular shade will complement most metals, but they’re especially luxurious in terms of what they offer – without being too flashy or overstated at all times.

Gold shoes are an easy way to make any outfit more elegant. However, you must know what type will fit your event and occasion. For example, wearing gold pumps might seem too casual for a formal setting, whereas strappy sandals could border on being inappropriate during the evening hours if not worn correctly.

Silver Shoes

For the past few decades, silver shoes have been an elegant and affordable alternative to gold.

The pretty shade of blue comes in pairs with just about any other color, from dark purple to light pink, for a classic but trendy look that is never getting old.

Pairing plum and silver is not difficult, but it’s important to beware of your outfit’s tone first. Charcoal or darker silvers go incredibly well together when paired in an otherwise light-colored dress.

At the same time, lighter bright colors can bring up a dark garment even more so by pairing them together creatively.

You can accessorize your outfit with a pair of silver heels to give off an elegant yet fun vibe.

Dark silver shoes are a great option as they can also be great for formalwear and outing. Light-colored shoes are usually less serious and more fun because most colors go better when paired together – that is why you will often see them on prom or wedding day outfits.

White Shoes

White shoes can highlight any dress, but you need to consider your outfit’s color carefully.

White can clash with dark or light-colored outfits since it tends not only make its parent shine, however, if worn in conjunction with lighter shades such as lilac and periwinkle, they’ll work seamlessly together.

If you want to make sure your white shoes work with a purple dress, opt for trendy or high-quality items. Dark colors will reflect light better than lighter shades and thus create more of an illusion on the viewer not seeing what’s underneath.


So, What color shoes to wear with plum dress? The answer to this question comes down to your personal preference.

Thank you for reading this article, and we hope you have had enough information on what color to match with your favorite purple dress. Have a great time rocking your outfit, and we will see you soon!

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