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Swimming With Dolphins In Puerto Rico – When And Where?

by Richard

The blue ocean, the scenery, and dozens of sea species altogether are one perfect plan for your summer vacation. This year, create a wonderful memory beside your loved ones by swimming with dolphins in Puerto Rico.

It is going to be an experience that you’ll never forget! So, are you ready? Let’s jump right into it!

What To Expect About Swimming With Dolphins In Puerto Rico?

First of all, it is not like bathing with Seaworld’s caged ones! On the contrary, you will be swimming with dolphins in Puerto Rico in their wild environments.

It is unfair to picture yourself suddenly caged in an aquarium when you’re destined to be freely wandering across the sea, exploring the world, and going from place to place at your will.

Although some argue that teaching these creatures to execute tricks will keep them entertained and maintain good health, some cruel acts, such as allowing a person to sit or stand on one’s nose, can lead to fatal harm to the animal.

Wild animals in cages are known to be denied anything instinctual and vital to them.

Swimming with dolphins in Puerto Rico can give you a deeper understanding of this magnificent sea creature. But, what influences may you have on the creatures and conversely while you are in their presence?

It’s questionable, as it relies on how many of us are surrounding them. The animals frequently stay the evening offshore while hunting for food, then return to take a nap and recover in the morning.

Other than that, this species most likely wants to get into touch and start circling your ship. Otherwise, the creatures would go somewhere else when they do not want to be near you.

The contact event is intended for experienced divers who wish to glide, spin, and dive in among the pod as is one of them. Swimming with dolphins in Puerto Rico can be quite tiring, as it demands physical and mental health.

You will board on a ship that takes you where the creatures are, and then you can start diving in the water with them. As a reminder, they will not remain in one spot, so you may have to return to the boat and follow the pod to where you can continue to have fun with them.

Because of wild animals, you should know they will never do any fun stunts on demand. When you are too exhausted keeping up with the pod, ensure to find your way back on the surface.

When To Go Swimming With Dolphins In Puerto Rico?

Every year, rest assured there are several trips available, and yes, if the pod won’t show up, the tour organizer will refund you. Yet, you don’t want to come home after traveling the whole way here and haven’t seen these gorgeous sea creatures, do you?

That’s why we recommend going for it in the dry season since the weather will be brighter and has fewer waves, which will be clearer to detect any pods nearby.

The sea creatures will come back to the shore around sunrise after searching for food. They are relaxing at this period, so you’ll know when they are avoiding you.

Where To Go Swimming With Dolphins In Puerto Rico?

1. Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve

The Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve near Fajardo is a fantastic spot for you to catch up with these marine mammals. Coral reefs, mangroves, beautiful beaches, and a gorgeous lagoon are what this amazing nature reserve is all about.

2. Rincón

Many sea species are frequently seen splashing around Rincón coastlines. Steps Beach, commonly referred to as Tres Palmas Marine Natural Reserve, is the finest spot in Rincón for diving with sea creatures.

3. Condado Lagoon

Condado Lagoon in San Juan is an excellent location for swimming with dolphins in Puerto Rico. Besides, there is a variety of other species, such as stingrays and starfish.

4. La Parguera

Discovered in the village of Lajas, La Parguera is home to the bioluminescent coast, natural parks, and mangroves. As known for its vast sea life, La Parguera is also among the greatest diving destinations.

Be sure to check out the Chiliboats tour service that lets you ride water bikes. This exciting sport allows you to sail through between magnificent mangroves while encountering dozens of aquatic species such as rays or sea turtles.

5. San Juan Bay

San Juan Bay is another of the best spots for swimming with dolphins in Puerto Rico. The beautiful beach, located in the center of San Juan, is a famous destination with many ancient structures.


Swimming with dolphins in Puerto Rico is an amazing opportunity you should not ignore when touring this wonderful place. We hope the post has answered your concern about how to plan a memorizing vacation. Good luck and have fun!

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