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Muscle Mass Can Affect A Person’s Flexibility – Unveil The Truth

by Richard

Have you ever seen an MMA fighter that struggles to bend down to pick up a spoon? It sounds crazy, but it is quite common in some people with large brawns. Its cause is due to the correlation between the muscles and the plasticity of the body.

So, muscle mass can affect a person’s flexibility, true or false? 

Factors That Affect Flexibility

A person’s react’s capability includes endurance, strength, and range of motion. For those who regularly exercise, ways to increase those signs of strength are no longer a strange thing. They always opt for having a toned and supple body.

That’s also when muscle mass can affect a person’s flexibility. Specifically, the factors that affect your plasticity are:

  • Age: The older you get, the more flexibility you lose, but you can improve this through exercise.
  • Gender: Females are often more flexible than males.
  • Bone structure: Some people have flexible bodies since childhood thanks to bone structure
  • Joint structure: Each joint corresponds to a range of motion
  • Intensity of activity: People who practice harder will be more resilient, and vice versa.
  • Muscle mass: Large muscle clumps will hinder the movement of the body.

Muscle Mass Can Affect A Person’s Flexibility?

The answer here is yes; muscle mass can affect a person’s flexibility. Large muscles make the body less flexible and therefore less elastic. Besides, high brawn density also limits the range of motion, which is quite a disadvantage. For example, people with bulky bodies like bodybuilders or athletes often struggle with plasticity exercises.

Therefore, building brawn is only really useful when you ensure a balance with increasing endurance. Don’t just focus on the building but forget to stretch them. Your plasticity will decrease quickly!

In addition, doing exercises that strengthen only certain areas will also reduce your range of activities. That’s why experts recommend mass training, stretching in all positions to balance them out. And to do that most effectively, you will need a systematic and scientific exercise schedule.

Can You Be A Bodybuilder And Flexible?

Muscle mass can affect a person’s flexibility; specifically high clumps can reduce your plasticity. Take a look at some bodybuilders or people with massive muscles. Most of them often struggle to do simple tasks around the house, such as cleaning the toilet.

However, this does not mean that all muscular people are less flexible. Studies have also shown that weights (full range of motion) help build endurance. Using the same parts when weight training helps you avoid risks, develop brawn, strength but also helps to expand the range of motion of the body.

In addition, there are several other exercises to help stretchers effectively, such as the Romanian Deadlift, Dumbbell Fly, etc.

How Can I Increase My Flexibility?

As muscle mass can affect a person’s flexibility, developing both a strong appearance and a fast reaction at the same time is really important. To achieve such goals, you need a scientific exercise program.

In the process, expensive machines like those found in fitness centers are not so necessary. Familiar exercises such as squats, planks, push-ups, climbing stairs, or exercises that use muscles and joints for resistance can still help you achieve the desired effect.

There is no limit to brawn growth and plasticity. You can do it with daily activities. For instance, you can achieve that target in your arms by lifting the milk carton up and down a few times. You can even do that by developing the hips, legs, and abs muscles when climbing stairs in the house, etc.

To own a toned and flexible body, you need to increase the intensity of movement of the muscles and joints more than usual. This stimulation will increase their load. When a brawn is stretched, the fibers and attached tendons lengthen. The longer they are, the greater your range of action will be.

In addition to the above methods, a professional and scientific exercise of about 10 minutes/day will also help you a lot. Here are a few moves you can do:

  • Shoulder roll movement: stand up straight, support your chin, roll your shoulders forward – back, finally shrugging your shoulders up – down slowly.
  • Side post extension angle: open hips naturally, step foot away, turn the front foot out so that it is parallel to the length of the mat. Extend arms, bending a front knee in line with the second toe.
  • Neck stretch: bend right ear towards right shoulder for 10 seconds, then do the opposite.
  • Turn your head: keep your head straight, look to the right for a few seconds, and vice versa.
  • Turn your head: put your chin in front of your chest, turn your head to the right, then do the opposite to the left.
  • Arm stretch: put a left arm across the chest, use the right hand to hook it in, then switch sides.

Muscle mass can affect a person’s flexibility; you should try to exercise regularly to increase your plasticity. However, do not forget the warm-up steps before exercise to warm up the body and avoid injury.

It will be more effective if you hold each movement for 30 seconds or a little longer. In addition to the things we have shared above, you can also try yoga – the method will not let you down.

Bottom line

Through this article, you certainly know whether muscle mass can affect a person’s flexibility or not. This is one of the important factors for assessing human fitness.

Please strengthen this stat without losing your fast reaction. It is completely possible when you have a reasonable and scientific exercise regimen. Hopefully, the above information will help you to have more understanding of this issue. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below.

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