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Lawn Mower Starts Then Dies – Cause And How To Fix?

by Richard

You prepare great energy for your gardening on a new day, but the lawn mower starts then dies. Looks like this is a pretty bad problem!

Lawn mower problems are a very common condition, but many people don’t know how to deal with it properly and why the mower starts and dies.

If you are also facing this problem, read on to find out!

Lawn Mower Starts Then Dies – Causes And How To Fix?

Clogged Carburetor Bowl Or Dirty Carburetor

When the lawn mower starts then dies, you need to take care of the first factor is the carburetor.

It is understandable that living in the north, where the air is quite cold, is one of the reasons why your lawn mower doesn’t work, since it has been at rest for most of the time. In contrast, if your town is hot and humid, your mower should easily work year-round.

In general, in both cases above, the environment influences the operation of the lawn mower. TLC is surely needed for the carburetor to work well.

For the engine to operate correctly, a stable internal input of gasoline is required. Then the carburetor will have the main task of mixing the gas with the corresponding oxygen amount to make reaction, specifically combustion.

Specifically, burning will make the crankshaft rotate necessary for the lawn mower’s engine to operate.

The factors just mentioned can prove that if the carburetor is clogged or dirty, it will affect the operation of the machine. Although it still boots after pulling the cord, it immediately dies.

How to fix:

The Aerosol carburetor aerosol cleaner will be a great solution to tackle your minimally dirty carburetor. Whether it’s online or in-store, you can easily buy this product for as little as $10 and take advantage of it for two seasons. Note that this type of cleaner has the limitation that you cannot spray with an aim, since it doesn’t have a targeted straw.

Remove the carburetor and wash it with detergent. Try to clean both screws and small parts with a carburetor cleaner.

Old Gasoline Condition In The Mower

Leaving the mower can be operated, then gasoline is always mentioned first. From that, the problem of gasoline quality is always the leading factor if you want your machinery engine to work as best as possible.

If the gas in your mower has been sitting ill for too long, it will create evaporation, and the residue will remain inside the machine.

How to fix:

Check your tank, and if the amount of old gas is more, the best option is to withdraw it out and replace it with a new one. In the case of a tank that is less than half of the old gas, you can use the method to add a new gas to dilute together.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are the single most important component in the ignition system that makes your lawn mower work. Specifically, spark plugs will generate sparks to ignite the air and fuel mixture inside your engine and help generate power.

So dirty spark plugs will not generate the spark to keep your engine running, or the lawn mower starts then dies.

How to fix:

On mowers which are walk-behind, you can easily find the spark plug. It is wrapped with a cable and is usually located right in the front.

You need to check and read the manual for important repair information. Then it would be best if you choose a suitable socket wrench to remove the plug.

If you see accumulated dust on your mower, cleaning them would be a great option. You should not use regular cleaners but should use a cleaner suitable for spark plugs and then a big brush to clean.

There Is A Lot Of Oil Inside The Reservoir

After testing, your spark plugs and carburetor are still working fine, and the problem may be overwhelmed with oil.

You often have a habit of filling the tank with oil because you hope that the more of it, the better. But for lawn mowers, this is a mistake.

To know if too much oil is the culprit or not? Look at the white smoke coming from the engine.

Smoke is a sign that the machine is working, but much oil will cause overfilling, and the lawn mower starts then dies.

How to fix:

Fixing this problem is very simple. You need to drain the oil or tilt the machine to let the oil drain out less.

The Serious Problems That Make Your Lawn Mower Starts Then Dies

  • Gasoline blockage problem or gas tank: Gasoline is always an important problem because if it doesn’t get into the engine, your lawn mower will easily have problems with the “lawn mower starts then dies”. Any blockages will prevent the flow of air inside, so a careful inspection is required to repair them.
  • The carburetor is old and worn: In case the carburetor is too dirty, worn, and old, you should replace it.
  • Faulty choke: Determining this problem is also quite difficult unless you are an extremely delicate person. Otherwise, experts will help you.


After going through the above problems with the Lawn mower starts then dies, you can perform a manual inspection of your mower. Be sure to check each part of the machine, such as the carburetor, old gas, spark plugs, and oil.

It would be best to ensure that these parts are in good condition to keep your machine working properly. After the inspection process and discovering many other serious damages, you may need to call a repair professional. Wishing you success!

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