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A Comprehensive Guide On How To Update OBS

by Richard

Many people use OBS for streaming and broadcasting. But most of them encounter difficulties updating their app, so they have to tolerate obsolete versions without any solutions.

This blog post will show you some steps about how to update OBS easily and quickly. Are you curious about that? Just keep on reading.  

What Is OBS?

OBS Studio, known as Open Broadcaster Software or OBS, is a multi-platform screencasting and broadcasting program that is free and open-source. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux distributions, and BSD.

History Of OBS

In August of 2012, they launched the first version. In 2014, the project commenced with OBS Multiplatform (then called OBS Studio), a reworked version with multi-platform compatibility, a more detailed feature set, and an API with more functions.

Why Do We Need To Update OBS?

You may wish to upgrade OBS for a variety of reasons. There is a long list of hotfixes, new features, and optimizations with each release. Each update may fix an issue, bring new experience while using the app, or free the program’s resource use on your PC when recording or broadcasting.

Of course, you don’t have to read each line in the notes every time you upgrade, but it can be necessary if you’re looking for a certain feature.

How To Update OBS?

Developers have been continually updating their software with many functions and fixing errors to keep old users and attract new ones. We will share how to update OBS below.

#Step 1: Check For Updates Within The App

The first step on how to update OBS is to click on the “Help” tab in the user interface, on the top bar of the screen, and choose “Check for updates”. This button will tell you whether there have been any upgrades of software recently or not.

You should check it when you are not about to stream or record screen because you cannot use it while it is being updated, and this process will take time to complete

#Step 2: Decide To Update Or Not

If there are ready updates, a pop-up window will emerge to show you the new patch number and a list of changes attached with notes that will be made while updating.

If you are satisfied with the new patch, hit the button “Update Now” at the bottom of the window to install it. Otherwise, you can choose “Cancel” and you will upgrade next time.

Another way on how to update OBS is the manual one. There may be some errors that prevent you from updating, or you sometimes want a clean install. You can go to the official website of OBS studio to download the latest patch.

Then you run it to the location where the software has been installed already. The following steps are similar to the process of installing the program for the first time. It will overwrite the old version.

#Step 3: Permit For Obs To Make Changes

As soon as you click “Update Now”, the computer’s system will suggest you allow the app to intervene in your computer. Of course, you should grant these permissions to begin the upgrade process.

After the upgrade is finished, the program will show you a final check for the upgrade and then make the necessary changes. You should run the app again to ensure that the update has been completed successfully.

If you have any software plugins installed, you will need to upgrade them separately after updating OBS. Otherwise, they may not work. Before installing the latest app update, it’s a good idea to wait until the plugin’s makers produce a compatible version.

When To Update OBS?

So you have finished the section on how to update OBS. You might wonder when to update it. Well, it is best to upgrade right after the patch is released. It is advisable to turn on the “Automatically check for updates on startup” option on the general page of your OBS settings.

The app will notify you whenever an update is available. This function is particularly beneficial if you don’t want to remember to check for changes and would rather be reminded.

Of course, you do not need to upgrade your app as soon as the new version is released; it is up to you. You can update later or even skip a version. A new version sometimes causes serious errors that make your app broken.

You can wait until you receive positive feedback about it. If you are happy with your version, it is unnecessary to put your content at risk.


That’s all you should know about how to update OBS. We believe that you will find a solution to your problem of updating OBS. Make sure you follow our instructions exactly to avoid errors and enjoy the new version of the app.

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