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How To Stop Adobe Genuine Pop Up On Mac: Two Different Methods

by Richard

Adobe Genuine Service is a service that Adobe Inc. implemented to authenticate the license status of its software. When there are violators, this service will display a notification “The Adobe software you are using is not genuine.”

Most of these cases are using unlicensed or pirated Adobe software. Yet, some users still get this pop-up despite using a licensed version. These pop-up messages can get irritating quickly.

If you want to know how to stop Adobe Genuine pop up on Mac, please continue reading.

What Is Adobe Genuine Service?

AGS (Adobe Genuine Service) is developed by Adobe Inc. Its purpose is to frequently check if your Adobe Programs licenses are genuine or not. The company introduces this service as a firewall to fight piracy and counterfeiting.

Below are some typical features of AGS, according to their official website.

  • Regularly check whether the Adobe apps on your device are genuine.
  • Send you in-app notifications and pop up if there are suspicious Adobe apps.
  • Carefully provide specific information on how to deal with the problem with pop up and notifications.
  • Grant access to a specially designed customer support team through those notifications.

Thus, Adobe Inc. encourages its users not to disable this service carelessly. But if you want to stop the AGS pop up, please follow the instructions below if you decide to uninstall it on macOS manually.

How To Stop Adobe Genuine Pop Up On Mac?

There are two methods on how to stop Adobe Genuine pop up on Mac for your consideration.

#1. Method 1: Use AdobeCleanUpUtility

The first way on how to stop Adobe Genuine pop up on Mac is to take advantage of AdobeCleanUpUtility.

  • Step 1: Applications Folder > Utilities > Adobe Genuine Service
  • Step 2: Open AdobeCleanUpUtility uninstaller by double-clicking it.
  • Step 3: Pick Uninstall to continue with uninstallation.
  • Step 4: Enter Your Username And Password
  • Step 5: Select OK.

The uninstaller will remove AGS and its cache out of your Mac. You have solved the AGS pop up problem. If the official solution does not work for you, then you can try the alternative way further down.

Note: The AGS also implements a self-uninstall feature. If you don’t have any Adobe apps on your Mac, the AGS will uninstall itself from the machine.

#Method 2: Delete AdobeGCCClient Folder

If you want to try another method on how to stop Adobe Genuine pop up on Mac, the following step-by-step instruction is for you.

  • Step 1: Open Finder. You can find the app at the bottom left of your desktop.
  • Step 2: In the top navigation bar, you will see the “Go” option. Pick it and click the “Go to Folder” option.
  • Step 3: Pick Application Support>Adobe>AdobeGCCClient from the folders that appear.
  • Step 4: Delete the “AdobeGCCClient” folder. Make sure to remove the folder completely. You can do this by searching for it in the trash bin. Then, delete that folder one more time.

Now you have successfully done a way on how to stop Adobe Genuine pop up on Mac.

Note: Remember to change the permissions settings to open the AdobeGCCClient folder. If you can’t find it, here are the steps to access the folder.

  • Step 1: Right-clicking on the AdobeGCCClient folder and then on “Get Info”. You can also use Command+I as a substitute.
  • Step 2: Extend the section by clicking this icon “>” near “Sharing & Permissions” then change permissions.
  • Step 3: Delete the “AdobeGCCClient” folder. Changing permissions successfully will give you access to the folder. Open the Finder app to search for the AdobeGCCClient folder. Then you should be able to delete everything inside it entirely.

Now the AGS pop-up on your Mac should be gone for real this time! So you know how to stop Adobe Genuine pop up on Mac, it is quite easy and fast to do. That said, it is worth noting that using non-genuine Adobe can lead to some certain risks.

The Risks Of Using Non-Genuine Adobe Software

Using non-genuine Adobe software poses a risk for individuals and organizations. Since it is often modified, there will be issues such as:

  • Viruses, malware and ransomware can take advantage of your data easily and freely. Thus, increased risks of putting your data in danger.
  • Your software might not function correctly or crash randomly, potentially losing all your progress.
  • You can face the consequences from corporations and governments for simply using and pirating unlicensed software.
  • There will also be no software updates and security patches for your software, leading to more bugs and cyber attacks.


We hope you have improved your situation. Whenever you want to know how to stop Adobe Genuine pop up on Mac, these instructions should do it. If you follow the steps in this instruction carefully and correctly, the annoying pop-ups should have disappeared.

The main factor why you got those messages in the first place is using unlicensed or pirated Adobe software unknowingly. So, you should pay and install apps only from the official site legally. Also, absolutely avoid shady or untrustworthy sites.

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