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How To Install An Exterior Sliding Barn Door – Tips And Tricks

by Richard

Do you want to give a new look to your house? Then consider adding a new doorway to your entry. This post provides instructions and tips for this type of renovation.

Learn now how to install an exterior sliding barn door!

How To Install An Exterior Sliding Barn Door

Some might think it is a simple project, but it’s not. It can be not easy if you try to do this on your own!

That’s why we recommend getting some help from experts who know how to work with power tools. Also, you will need something for that wall stud.

Here is a catalog of equipment you may need!


Hardware supplies included:

  • 1.25 inches flat head wood screws
  • 1.25 inches brad nails
  • A toolset for the rails
  • Wooden glue

Hand tools included:

  • A hammer drill or an impact driver
  • A miter saw
  • A carpenter’s speed square
  • A tapeline
  • A relevant sander


Here is a detailed guide on how to install an exterior sliding barn door.

Step 1: Measuring

The first stage of how to install an exterior sliding barn door is measuring. Start by making sure the parts are all properly fit together. If your opening size measures only thirty inches, then cut the board to the desired size. Also, leave at least a half-inch gap for adjustments.

Next, take the blocks and arrange them so that the edges face outwards, then gang them aside. After that, square up both the entire upper and lower points. Finally, attach the blocks properly on its position. When you’re finished, take the braces off.

Step 2: Prepare filler strips

This phase requires the use of a rotator saw to cut infill strips.

The cut needs to be precise and straight. Then, apply adhesives on the rail’s top flat surface. Following that, adhere to the topside stiles just under it. During the process, use a one-inch deck screw for supports.

Step 3: Connect the attaching board

Next, you will have to connect the attaching board first. Screw the board onto the hole of the pole. You would notice the frame plank size is slightly larger than the rails when attaching those. One reason for this is that it will guarantee the correct amount of load when operated.

Step 4: Adjust the tracks

Before assembling the tracks, the support bars must be correctly mounted. There are manufacturer instructions out there when you are searching for “how to install an exterior sliding barn door”, describing how to carry out the procedure.

Draw a line mark where the trails should be connected to the board when you finished.

Step 5: Drill holes for rollers

At this point, put your safety goggles on! Pick the right positions on the surface, then drill some holes with a  hammer drill.

After that, assemble the tracks on the frame. You should align the rails properly. Then, place the rollers along with them. Attach additional rollers at the bottom if you prefer it to be steadier, so be sure to bring one more with you.

Step 6: Check your work

When you are done,  you need to check if your piece of work is functioning accurately. Bring some helping hands to support you in your testing process! The key for it to work perfectly is guiding the rollers right on their tracks. Repeat the process until it is completely fitted together!

Step 7: Add breaks for the tracks

The final stage of “how to install an exterior sliding barn door” is putting some stops to it. It keeps your work from falling all out of the line. The trails can be pretty slippery, so it needs some breaks to prevent it from derailing the trails.

After assembling, let it bump directly on the stops to ensure it can handle all the weight.


Last but not least, here are some tips on how to install an exterior sliding barn door.

  • Interior types are slightly thicker than exterior ones, which would be more consistent with a standard track. So, if the current size is even thicker than the interior ones, you might want to invest in another track to suit it better.
  • Place a wall-mounted or floor-mounted to prevent them from swinging back and forth.


After providing instructions and valuable tips on “how to install an exterior sliding barn door”, we hope you can find your answer to perfectly renovating your familiar home.

Thank you for reading! See you in the next post!

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