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How To Grow Portobello Mushrooms? – A Gardening Guide

by Richard

Cultivating an edible plant at home is an exciting thought, but do you know how to grow portobello mushrooms? Rest assured, our article will show you some tricks and tips to help you care for this type of fungi at home effectively.

How To Grow Portobello Mushrooms?

Let’s find out how to grow portobello mushrooms!

The most simple way to create these fungi is with a useful plant set. The set should include anything necessary, then all the little work on your part will be opening the box and spraying.

Put the box somewhere cool and dark. You will notice the plant bloom within a couple of weeks. It’s that simple!

You can try a more challenging original way. You will still have to purchase the seeds. Anything else than that will be doing as normal. The process can occur both inside and outside.

Growing portobello outdoors

How to grow portobello mushrooms outside the house? When starting planting outside, make sure the temperature does not go over 21 Celsius degrees, and during nighttime, does not fall below 10 Celsius.

You will have to make some preparations. Make four times four feet height bed with eight inches deep. Replenish it with five to six inches of nutrient garden soil. Wrap the bed with black plastic and cardboard.

The solar radiation process will take place to sterilize them. Continue to cover them in two weeks. After that, you should purchase new spores ahead right away to be in time for the preparation.

Remove the cover after two weeks. Drop a small number of spores on top of the soil and gently blend them around. Wait for a few weeks to detect a white flabby layer form on the surface of the soil.

The spores are now multiplying! You should cover the soil with 1 inch of wet peat moss. Wrap these in a newspaper, then spray every day with filtered water. Keep spraying twice per day within ten days.

After the process, you can harvest them anytime you want, according to how large the crop you prefer.

Growing portobello indoors

Then, how to grow portobello mushrooms indoors? It would be best to have a tray, fertilizer, peat moss, and paper sheets to plant them indoors. The procedure is similar to outdoor planting. The tray requires a similar measurement to the outdoor garden bed.

Then, replenish it with about six inches of fertilizer. Fill it with spores, mix them up, and softly press down. Place the tray inside a dark area until you notice the distinctive white maturity.

Next, spread a covering of moist peat moss over the top with paper sheets. Spray them two times a day within two weeks. Take off the sheets and inspect the plants. If you notice any small whiteheads, discard the paper sheets immediately.

Spray once a day after the paper sheets have been discarded. From here, harvest as you will. Once you have managed the temperature, you can produce them indoors pretty much all season.

Maintain the room in eighteen to twenty-one Celsius degrees, and you will be receiving two or three batches of portabellas.

What Are The Factors To Consider While Growing Portobello Mushrooms?

While learning how to grow portobello mushrooms, you should also consider some other factors: soil conditions, humidity, moisture, and temperature.

Soil conditions (Growing medium)

A soil full of nutrients is ideal for this type of fungi. The nutrient is made of garden waste, including grasses, branches, dried leaves, animal manures, and kitchen trash such as vegetable crumbs, eggshells, or organic components.

This substance is maintained wet and warm until it degrades into dense compost material, used as a growth medium.

Portobello mushroom growing temperature

It’s important to remember that they multiply quicker in hot climates and slow down in lower temperatures. They thrive in temperatures ranging from 60 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit.

Temperatures over 74 Fahrenheit typically prohibit them from developing, while above 86 can destroy the fungus. Colder temps below  55 limit its development rate or lead to stop production.

Moisture and humidity

These fungi require water to produce fruit. Because of their skinless nature, they can rapidly leak water into the air. That’s the reason they require high humidity to flourish.

The surroundings’ humidity level too low makes their cells vapor more quickly, causing young plants to dry out and perish. If the humidity is too high, the same as immersing in water, it results in drowning.

Due to not exchanging oxygen, anaerobic bacteria accumulate, leading to them dying from suffocation.

When it comes to “how to grow portobello mushrooms”, these are the factors that you should always remember.


We hope our post has helped you learn how to grow portobello mushrooms. Thank you for reading! Good luck and see you in our next article!

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