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How To Fake Pink Eye – Most Essential Tips For You!

by Richard

Because of special reasons such as preparing for a carnival. That’s exactly when you need to learn how to fake the pink eye.

Whatever the situation, you always want to obtain your goals. So what are you waiting for? Let’s jump right into some helpful tricks below!

What Is Pink Eye?

Conjunctivitis is the folk name of Pink Eye disease. That’s when the conjunctiva and the transparent iris encounter inflammation and infection on the surface of the eyeball.

Perhaps you’ve ever suffered from this infectious disease. Before getting some tricks about how to fake pink eyes, you must understand the situation you are about to put yourself in.

How To Fake Pink Eye

Make Your Eyes Dry

Desiccate your eyes

Our eyes are sensitive when they are not provided enough moisture. So in about 30 minutes, let’s try not to blink at least as much as you can. Your eyes will become irritated and red. However, you can speed up the eye’s lubrication by trying not to blink and standing in front of the fan…

Don’t forget that blinking keeps our eyes safe. But begin to wink your eyes as usual if you feel too unpleasant and may need the help of an artificial eye drop.

Clean around your eyes off

Doctors advised us not to directly rub our eyes because this stimulation will facilitate dangerous bacteria intrusion. This way also can accidentally harm your cornea.

Although rubbing your eyes can create a little bloodshot, which is the look you’re looking for. To protect your eyes safely while trying to color them red, don’t directly irritate your eyes. The best way is to clean the area around gently, which is close to your eyes.


Do you realize that whenever you go to the pool to swim, the white part of your eyes’ color is a bit red? This phenomenon is a popular result caused by stimulating factors in the water.

Unfortunately, a little water goes into the eyes, they will become very sensitive, and their cornea will easily hurt.

Make Your Eyes Wet

Use Onions

Chopping some onions is one of the quickest and easiest methods to create tears because they are famous for making humans weep when they’re cut.

Artificial Tear

If you want to simplify how to fake pink eye, buy an eye drops bottle. Commonly, only need one or two drops into your eyes according to instructions on the packaging.

To be confused that you’re crying:

  • Put more drops into your eyes than usual.
  • Don’t hurry to remove the tears.
  • Let them fall on your cheeks.

Use a menthol bar

Have you ever wondered how actors can cry immediately when making a shoot? Maybe they are talented actors, or they know how to fake pink eye. Menthol bars are waxy materials in lipstick and are used popularly to produce real crying spots in film production.

It would help if you rubbed menthol sticks beneath your eyes, then waited for the falling tear. Why don’t you give this effective method to the show if you dream of acting like a professional?

Use chemicals

Another way of how to fake pink eye, quite interesting to fill a bit of red color into your eyes, is using chemicals, typically soap and shampoo. However, this way will make your eyes feel painful and burning.

Carefully rub your fingertips with a little shampoo or soap beneath your eyes until it gets in. As a result, your eyes are stimulated and become pink. Remember to wipe off bubbles and chemicals left.

Fake Eyes Discharge

Leave rheum in your eyes

Rheum is some dirt or called “crust” in the corners of your eyes. It is in your eyes when you’ve just got up. Because the red eyes cover a lot of scales around, keeping the crust in your eyes from the previous night will increase the natural expression of infections and discomfort.

Scattering clear gloss or petroleum jelly

Pink eyes can produce multicolor and thickness depending on the level of infection. By taking a little transparent gloss or petroleum jelly, then scattering about 15mm on the face under the eyes, you can create a feeling as if your eyes are flowing special liquids.

Don’t remove any tears.

Suppose you’ve been assigned to find out how to fake pink eye with many drops of tears, which should be around the eye’s rims. Depending upon your audience’s attitude, you could conquer them by the thin and clear discharging tears.


We hope that you can achieve your desire with some instructions on “How to fake pink eye”. Do not try to stimulate your eyes too much because these tips above are a bit more-than-enough unless you will suffer real inflammation. Thanks for reading!

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