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How To Dress Like A Rapper? A Guide For Rapper-To-Be!

by Richard

Rapper fashion is popular with many boys and girls, and they always want to be perfect as a rapper on the stage. Here are some tips for those who are wondering, “How to dress like a rapper?”

How To Dress Like A Rapper? – Men Version

Rapper fashion is popular with a lot of boys and they always want to be perfect as a rapper on the stage. Here are some tips for men who are wondering “How to dress like a rapper?”

Get A Baggy T-shirt

Vintage basketball jerseys are very popular, especially those with graphic prints. Loose t-shirts featuring these designs often come from hip hop designers like Sean John and Wu Wear.

Baggy polo shirts or button-downs can be seen on the runways of many fashion shows in recent years as well. Large hoodies have also become an important part of any rapper’s wardrobe to show off their personality.

Wear Baggy Jeans

There’s a trend emerging in men’s fashion where the tongues of your shoes show. Jeans such as the South Pole are suitable for this, as they have a slimming effect on boots or other items you wear tucked into them.

If big baggy jeans don’t work with belts beautified with designs, put some elastic loops across their waistline after fastening up both ends.

This solution can hold its shape while sitting low enough not to be seen undershirts which might peek out from time to time.

Wear A Jacket

With hip-hop style, there are some popular kinds of jackets. The ’90s or old-school hip hop style is all about the leather jackets.

Stars like 50 Cent made this style very popular among rappers, and it continues to be one of DMX’s favorites for its street credibility that’ll match any sneaker build in your arsenal.

Put On A Hat And Bandana

The more you wear your hat, the better. You can wear it forward or backward and tie a do-rag on top for extra style points.

Bandanas are also one of the most favorite headgears in hip-hop fashion these days.

You can also try tying some colorful scarves around your unique creation to keep things interesting.

Wear Jewelry

In the world of rap fashion, bling or ice are the most popular items. They can be large gold chains with holy crosses adorning for those who are religious about their faith and platinum chains.

Jewelry shines brightly under lights from every angle possible to show off wealthiness. Rings made out of Gold or Platinum stones go hand in hand, too, so there’s always some flash going on stage.

Lately, grills have become extremely popular among hip-hop artists since they offer protection against infection and hide any oral health problems.

Get Some Oversized Sunglasses

Rap artists are so interested in wearing sunglasses.

The most beloved styles of frames are square. Like Adidas and Sean John, some fashionable labels produce many stunner shades with colorful sides that make them stand out from the rest for their bling-like features.

Wear The Right Footwear

Many rappers choose their footwear carefully depending on what they will be wearing that particular day, but the most popular types are high tops and boots (like those by Nike or Adidas).

It is common practice among hip-hop artists like Kendrick Lamar to wear these brands for themselves instead of teaming up with someone else who also wears them.

Eventually, “How to dress like a rapper?” Men, you have got the answer!

How To Dress Like A Rapper? – Women Version

Similarly, more and more girls are wondering, “How to dress like a rapper?”. The following guides will help girls mix “rapper outfits”.

Wear Bright-colored Shirts

There are many kinds of shirts to create a hip-hop outfit for ladies. One of the most popular is bright colored graphic T’s, like those in shades or hues of blue and purple with an orange dash here or there.

Alternatively, you could try wearing more sophisticated prints such as word art on white fabric.

Wear A Jacket That Stands Out

The most popular styles for hip-hop women have fitted leather jackets, denim coats, and baggy sports clothes. Some female rappers wear gold or white coats to draw the crowd’s attention when performing on stage.

Meanwhile, others prefer more subtle colors to match their natural beauty with black and brown shades, which give an edgier vibe without overstating one’s gender identity.

Choose Pants Or A Skirt

Tight-fitted jeans can be pre or post-ripped and tend to have an uneven hemline on the side and rip upfront, making them a popular choice among fans who want their look edgy but still feminine at heart.

Another style worth noting is harem pants – these baggy hips paired off by being tight around ankles.

Accessorize With Jewelry, Hats, And Sunglasses

The most well-known women wear hoop earrings with gold. Make sure to show off three or four necklaces that can be very flashy and feature chrome studs, diamonds, or rhinestones all over them for an edgy look.

For footwear, you can consider statement heels but avoid platforms as they may make walking difficult on your outfit, or you can go with boots because they won’t only add height but style too.

Choose The Right Footwear

Sneakers or boots are also good choices for hip-hop girls, but wearing high-heeled shoes can be much more attractive.

In sneakers, go for high-tops. Brands such as Jordans and Adidas spotlight bright colors that will make your outfit pop with creativity. In boots, Timberland is one of the most popular brands out there.

Try almost all these ways to mix your clothes; you will no longer wonder, “How to dress like a rapper?”


With the help of some insider tips, you have already had the answer to the question “How to dress like a rapper?”.

You can dress like a rapper without being one. It’s not just the clothes that make the man, but you have to start with them. Dress for success and never underestimate your power of appearance.

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