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How To Add Exceptions To Avast?  – The Best IT Hacks For You!

by Richard

You’ve installed Avast antivirus on your computer, but it’s blocking sites that you want to visit. You can add exceptions to Avast so you don’t have to disable the program every time. Exceptions are good for websites that are known not to contain viruses or malware.

So “How to add exceptions to Avast?”  Let’s get started!

What Is Avast?

Before finding out “How to add exceptions to Avast?” We should begin with an overview of this app. Avast Software, a multinational cybersecurity company, has its headquarters in the Czech Republic. The most popular software for computer security has more than 435 million users worldwide.

Its antivirus product “Avast Antivirus” accounts for nearly one-third (31%) of all anti-malware solutions on Windows computers.

The following instructions will allow you to add the file or application of your choosing as an exception during virus scans. Be sure not to alter any other programs to conflict with their normal functionality, and follow these steps carefully.

What Is An Exception List On Avast?

Avast Exception list, also known as a “Whitelist”, helps you include reliable programs you like, but Avast has revealed some false results.

You can unlock these types of software by using the add exception option available from their firewall settings Menu, even though it may not work best sometimes when blocking spam webs like Utorrent.

However, there have been reports where certain games were blocked due to being included within these filter criteria, such as discord utility suite, among others.

What’s worse than not being able to access your favorite app because of an invalid result from Avast Antivirus?

You may have been wondering how the blocked item was an unchecked trusted program, and you still couldn’t get through it.

If you’re finding that programs are automatically accessing your internet connection, the best way to solve it is by adding them into Avast Exceptions. You might be thinking about “How to add exceptions to Avast?” Don’t worry! Just scroll down for instructions on exactly what needs to be done.

How To Add Exceptions To Avast

Let’s find out the answer for the main concern in this article, “How to add exceptions to Avast?”

For Files and Folders

The best way to avoid an Avast violation is by adding exclusions. Here’s how you add files and folders that will be exempt from the blocklist for them to access blocked content:

To allow programs and websites on your PC, go into the Avast dashboard by opening up avast. Next, click the menu then settings tab under General Tab in the Exceptions section. You will need to copy/paste or type out a path for each file added so it appears as an exception from being scanned within this security software program’s protective layer.

You should have been granted permission without hesitation because they have been granted exemption from getting examined, which benefits everyone involved.


If you’re not satisfied with Avast’s blocking policies, there is an easy way around it. All URLs on a blocklist will be exempt from protection and allowed to access the web freely by following these steps:

The first step is to open Avast on your computer and go to the dashboard. Then click Menu > Settings tab under General section, then Exceptions for adding an exception page with URL input box below it (as seen in the image). Type any desired website address into this field so that you can access them without restrictions while still being safe online.

Afterward, you ought to go back to your browser and access the URL. You will know whether the issue has been fixed or not.

For Program/Software

You can choose to exclude programs from Avast which use this method. You can also safelist shields such as the protection of mail and file blocking for games in general. Or you can use specific ones if they’re causing you trouble on certain websites (e.g. Minecraft). Here are the steps:

  • Step 1: To create an exception for a certain program, go to the Active Protection settings on your Avast antivirus dashboard and find active protection. Click Customize in that section of settings where it says “Shield Name.”
  • Step 2: Select either web filter or game exemption under Shield Names; this defines which programs are allowed through without being quarantined by their anti-viral software. There are Mail Exclusions – choose whether spam mail will still come through even when these filters aren’t enabled. And finally, select Apply Now so everything gets saved accordingly.


Avast is a great antivirus program for your computer. With the tips above, you might have the answer to the question “How to add exceptions to Avast?” We’re confident you’ll be able to add exceptions on any device with the help of this article.

Thank you for reading this article and we wish you the best experience with Avast!

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