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How Tall Is A Two Story House? – A New Homeowner Must Know!

by Richard

When you want to build or choose to buy the best two story house for yourself, the first factor to consider is “How tall is a two story house?”

The height of a two story home will affect many factors such as comfort, aesthetics, and safety. That’s why people need to carefully research the sizes of two-story homes before embarking on a project to build their own house.

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How Tall Is A Two Story House?

Each type of house has separate dimensions, so how tall is a two story house?

The answer is a house with two floors that will have a 9-feet high-tall ceiling, and the residence will be About 20 feet tall. Calculations related to the depth or thickness of the floor are calculated on the one-foot average. As for the space above the drop ceiling, the ceiling will reach 2 feet.

In addition, depending on many other design elements, each apartment will have different height sizes. In summary, the two-story houses have a maximum height of nearly 30 feet, and the lowest is 16 feet.

What Factors Affect The Height Of The Two-Story House?

There are a few typical factors that directly affect the height of the two-story houses. In which the most common reason for the house becomes higher than the average calculations are:

Pitch Of The Roof

In building a two-story apartment, the pitch of your roof is an extremely important factor because it affects the height of a house.

If you wonder “how tall is a two story house”, the roof framing will also be a factor that can help you identify the height and attic space. The design of a suitable roof will help you optimize the living space throughout your home.

Height and thickness of the foundation

The way you build and create a thickness for the foundation will affect the height of an apartment.

Specifically, the foundation part is extremely important because it is both a factor to support the whole apartment and helps the most solid residence. The apartment  will be higher if the foundation is built higher.

Depending on the needs and designs, you can choose a variety of foundations, each type that will directly affect the overall height of your lovely place. 

Height of the first floor

How tall is a two story house when we have a high or low first floor height? Has the height of the apartment floor changed? To answer these questions, right now to explore the way it was built.

Specifically, the way they build will determine the height of a two-story residence. Construction standards for the minimum ceiling area are 8 feet. But some apartments have a ceiling height on the first floor within 9 to 12 feet. These issues depend on the characteristics and requirements of the owner.

The construction of the one-floor height may affect the size of the second floor. If both floors have equal height, the total height will be 16 feet (not adding anything else).

Height of the second floor

To determine “How tall is a two story house”, in addition to considering the first floor, the second floor is also an issue that needs attention. The average second floor will be about 8 feet tall, and how you build the ceiling will affect the overall height of the residence.

You can judge the convention because it is always the right ceiling height or close to the size. However, you always need to pay attention to the current limitations of the project and building code to get the height of the best second floor.

For the standard package, it will be the same height at each level. Specifically, the height is 16 feet plus foundation and attic height. It’s generally up to you to build the second floor, but make sure it’s less than 3 feet for the height difference.

Height Of The Attic Ceiling Area

In the process of answering questions about How tall is a two story house? The attic ceiling area also needs to be considered.

Attics are often overlooked in homes, but they can be an excellent place to store toys and other belongings. Moreover, the attic can also be a great escape place.

Note that if you want to build an attic ceiling, at least half of its area needs 7 feet. 

Floor thickness

The thickness of your floor also helps define “How tall is a two story house”.

You can check floor thickness through building codes or when exchanging projects with a contractor. In particular, the floor thickness will vary more or less depending on your area’s climate, soil, and weather conditions. For example, the foundation of a residence in clay and dry soil sites will have different sizes and settlements.

In general, the average thickness for floors ranges from 12 inches to 16 inches.

What Is The Height Of A Two Story House In The US?

In the United States, standard two-story building heights are 18 to 20 feet. This standard provides a good balance between aesthetics and comfortability for residents.

Specifically, one floor can be 9 feet high, and the second floor can reach 10 feet. There is currently no standard about the division of heights between floors.

What Is The Height Of A Two Story House In Europe?

The height calculations for a two-story building in Europe are different from those found on the other continents. For example, in Europe, a two-story building will include the ground floor, first floor, and second floor, for a total of three floors.

In addition, in Europe, the ground floor is usually between 8 and 12 feet in height. So European two-story apartments would also be in the 30-foot range. In this regard, two-story houses in Europe and the United States are quite similar. 


Surely the factors just listed above helped you discover the answer to How tall is a two story house?. If you are about to start construction and choose a two-story house for your family, remember to check factors such as roof, floor, thickness, etc.

Measuring and understanding the height of a two story house will help you own the best place to live with your family. Good luck!

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