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How Long Should You Wait To Shower After Tanning – Tips For Your Skin

by Richard

Some of us are unsure whether we should wash after a bronzing session. It is necessary to rinse the sticky feeling, but how long should you wait to shower after tanning?

Here’s a post to help you comprehend some common misunderstandings!

How Much Time Does It Take In Different Methods?

Depending on the methods and products you apply, the time you take your first wash significantly impacts your body. Here is “how long should you wait to shower after tanning” for different methods.

When Can You Wash After Fake Tan?

When applying a fake tan, how long should you wait to shower after tanning? It would be best if you delayed for half a day before taking your first wash. If you are comfortable, you can even sleep with the tan on.

What Benefits You When Washing After A UV Tan

Going to the bathroom after browning your skin has many advantages, particularly when using bronzers or lotions. Here’s why:

  1. Your skin is put under a lot of strain throughout the process. When you are in a sunbathing machine, you will also sweat a lot. Sweat will block your pore, causing acne and other issues. Taking a bath will remove any sweat from your pores, preventing it from becoming an issue in the future.
  2. Your skin is subjected to various toxins while indoor sunbathing. Bronzers, toners, and artificial coloring agents are examples of this. Taking a bath can also help rinse off any harmful chemicals and prevent you from potential issues.

These compounds will give you the desired color, but they can also be hazardous if they remain on your body for an extended time.

The amount of time it takes for each person between those sessions is different. You can ask folks with experience on “how long should you wait to shower after tanning”. You can go rinse off right away if not using any lotions or bronzers!

Instructions On Cleaning Your Body

Depending on your methods, you can determine “how long should you wait to shower after tanning”. After you have determined the best time for you, follow our instructions to clean yourself properly.

Use warm water

We advise you not ever to try hot water! Hot water irritates your skin because of the strain and burning your body has to endure. Boiled water will hurt your body’s surface and put it in a state of extreme discomfort.

Do not wash for an excessive amount of time!

If you prefer taking an extended bath, then this might disappoint you. It would be best if you kept the bathing time to a minimum after the process. The water takes away your natural oils while you are soaking in the tub.

Limit your use of soap

You can use soap in certain areas, such as the groin and armpits, but not all over. Soaps are created to dissolve oil, so they will also break down any of your natural oils and the ones you get from lotion.

In necessary cases, try fragrant soaps, but keep them away from visible places where the tan will appear.

Do not towel all over!

Towelling all over your body removes not just the lotion but the moisture as well. Water is essential for your skin hydration, so keep it wet by not wiping away all the moisture with your towel. Instead, pat it dry!

Apply moisture product

Hyaluronic acid is found in some of the most quality moisturizers to apply, so it’s best to pick one that contains it. Your body surface will lose most of its moisture after exposure to UV lights, so don’t forget to re-hydrate.

What Happens If The Water Is Brown?

After wearing a bronzer, the water will most likely have a brown appearance as it is rinsing the product away. The chemical substances in the bronzer are rinsed away, and surely they will not discolor your skin.

When finished, it is best to rinse off all coloration left as there are remaining chemicals that clog pores and cause problems. The brown liquid dripping off is not just the coloring but is also DHA (dihydroxyacetone).

As DHA itself is white, the other colorings and oils are responsible for any brown color.

Before wrapping up, we hope that our article has answered your question of “how long should you wait to shower after tanning”.


Finally, for how long should you wait to shower after tanning? Well, the answer is it depends on your applying products and methods to change your skin tone. Also, the correct cleaning instruction is required to have the best output.

Best of luck, and enjoy your day!

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