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How Long Do Oranges Last? – A Kitchen Tip

by Richard

Oranges are delicious, have multiple nutrients and vitamins. They are also very versatile in cooking and decoration. But, one concern appears, how long do oranges last. Here’s an article to help you make good use of these juicy things.

How Long Do Oranges Last

Depending on the storage condition and where you store them, your fruits can stay pretty fresh for many weeks. So, how long do oranges last? Let’s take a look at our article!

On the tree

How long do oranges last on the tree? Leaving them on the tree is the greatest way to prevent them from turning rotten for many weeks. When harvesting, leave nearly all of them as it continues to sweeten up there, and depending on the variety, some may last for a couple of weeks.

If they begin to fall on their own, they are overripe, which have a mushy texture and dry out around the stem. Once this happens, remove the others from the tree or on the ground to keep pests away from it.

At room temperature

What about inside your house? How long do oranges last?

You can store them nicely at room temperature for approximately a week. But, continuing storage will cause shrinking and loss of flavor. The best place in the house is somewhere dark and cool if only you plan to consume them as soon as possible.

They will stay fresh for up to a week in this condition but rely on the weather as well. If you are purchasing in bulk, it’s best to keep everything refrigerated.

In the refrigerator

By correctly preserved, you can keep them in the fridge for 3 or 4 weeks. For ripened ones, storing them in the fridge guarantees a shelf life of around 12 days. The fridge’s cool box is an ideal place to store them.

Unlike most fruits you should never take out from the fridge once placed there, this citrus one requires a unique care schedule. Remember to take them out at least once a day!

The idea is to let them reach room temperature for a while before placing them back in the refrigerator. That will keep the fruits in good shape for several days. Once they have been sliced, consume them within two days!

In the freezer

To reach the best quality, you should freeze slices and juice products for more extended storage or pack them with sugar first before freezing. With this tip, you can even store frozen juice for up to a year!

From the information given in this article, you can determine how long do oranges last in different storage methods.

What Are The Signs Of Spoiled Oranges?

You can easily tell when the fruit is not in good shape. Here are some alerting symptoms to look out for:

One of the first symptoms of rotting is it turns squishy and even grows molds. Please don’t wait for the mold to form on it fully, discard it right away before it starts to soften!

The color change is another clear symptom that indicates a spoiled or poor product.

Another way to tell if it is rotten is by its smell. The best quality will have a bright and fresh odor. Any sour or fermented odor indicates a damaging outcome.

These juicy foods may shrink if refrigerated. As a result, the skin of it becomes harder than the first time you bought it home. Open it to see how it is inside. If it looks fine, then eat it. The product is not poisonous at this stage, but its flavor and nutritional value may be decreased.

High humidity is an enemy to fruit. It can result in unusual spots and shifting in color. In this situation, you should throw it away.

How To Store Oranges?

As mentioned above, “how long do oranges last” depends on how and where you store them. There are two alternative solutions:

  • It would be best if you keep them in the cabinet or the kitchen at room temperature! The method results in a juicier product, although it is likely not lasting much.
  • The second choice is to refrigerate them for greater shelf life but without extra juiciness. We recommend putting them in the fridge after you’ve sliced them open and peeled them as well.

You are probably thinking about freezing to keep them fresh. Well, because of the water-rich nature, freezing it won’t work. It will turn it mushy. Instead, peel and split them out before putting all in frozen and removing the seeds as well.


Many factors determine “how long do oranges last”. As written, there are different methods you can apply to store your fruit effectively and keep them not rotten too early.

We hope our article provides you with an adequate answer. Thank you for reading! Good luck!

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