16.12.2009 - The Vision

Founded on a late winter night on December 16th, 2009, with the idea that Fashion is everywhere and all around us; and its not ruled by old people sitting in board rooms that are out of touch with the times, dictating what Fashion should be, rather than, what Fashion is…


08.04.2010 - Facebook

Fashion Style Mag’s Facebook Page reached over 100K followers within 6 months.


21.12.2010 - Social Uprising

Our Facebook Page content went viral and the engagement was over 1400% higher than any other Fashion focused Facebook page at that time.  The Facebook page had reached over 1M followers by this time.


10.02.2012 - Engagement

The website was growing at a 20% month over month increase in traffic and revenue.  And Social growth and engagement was also increasing two folds.  The site was generating over 60 million page views monthly, with over 5 mins per average time spent on the site and over 11 page views per visit viewed by users.


14.08.2014 - Website Growth

The website reach online climbed to over 20 million unique users per month.  Boosting over 200 million page views monthly.  Ranking on Quantcast at the top 5 website in Canada.  Top 50 website in USA.  Top 20 website in UK.  Top 8 website in AU.


13.02.2015 - Facebook Growth

Fashion Style Mag’s Facebook page grew in leaps and bounds to over 5 million followers.  The engagement on the page was reaching over 80 million people on Facebook.  Pinterest followers also grew to over 90k followers.  Instragram grew to over 80k followers.


11.11.2016 - Product Placements

Having the large reach online and on Social media, the site introduced ‘Product Placements’ within the editorial content of products related to that content; to help Advertisers build a relationship with the Audience of Fashion Style Mag.  Relationships can’t be rushed and the good ones are there for the long haul.


03.08.2017 - User Experience

Fashion Style Mag made a major shift towards their business model; due to the unregulated programmatic, real-time bidding advertising industry.  There were ways through this system malicious Ad Codes were being injected onto Publishers websites without their knowledge and no one was governing or policing this activity. Due to these activities, the brand made a choice to remove all IAB banner ads from the website.  To end all relationships with unregulated, programmatic, RTB companies that are all contributing to the online Advertising fraud of over $16 billion globally.

New plan was Sponsored Content and direct Insertion Orders (IO) only!  The results spoke for themselves.  The website started loading 6X faster.  Increase page views per visitor.  No more Ads in your face when trying to view content.  End result was that the users loved the new site look and experience.

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11.11.2017 - Branded Content

A relationship between a user and a brand takes time.  Once its established through a platform they like, are comfortable with, the exchange to buy their products and services becomes a regular task.  Through years of research and focus groups on what kind of content users are looking for that is focused around; fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, their homes.  The next natural step for our growth was to work with Brands to help them build that relationship with our ever growing and loyal audience.