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Abandoned Places In Rhode Island – For Those Who Love Travelling!

by Richard

If you’re interested in abandoned places in Rhode Island, this article is chosen for you. We’ll provide you with various famous deserted destinations, which definitely attract and amaze your trip to Rhode Island.

So, let’s read and enjoy the adventurous experience while traveling here!

Abandoned Places In Rhode Island

Residents and visitors to Rhode Island will find numerous modern and recently created structures and terrain to explore.

On the other hand, Rhode Island is rich in history and has many abandoned attractions. Each of these abandoned places is distinct, so let’s look at the top 10 abandoned places in Rhode Island below!

East Side Railroad Tunnel – Providence

The East Side Railroad Tunnel used to be the area where trains passed through Providence, but it doesn’t appear to be doing so any longer.

The railroad system abandoned the tunnel, and it quickly became a graffiti-covered hangout for partygoers, drug addicts, and others despised by the cops.

Hospital Trust Building – Woonsocket

Woonsocket knew how to build a beautiful bank. During its heyday, the Hospital Trust Building was one of the best instances of Gilded Age glamor in the state.

Elegant blue-green highlights, beautiful marble counters, sculpted molding ceilings, and gorgeous draperies hanging across every window created the unique architecture of the whole building.

Currently, experts agree that saving this magnificent structure would necessitate the involvement of an “angel investor” and keep the impressiveness of this sculpture.

Harris Avenue Mill – Providence

Providence has a wide variety of abandoned commercial buildings that would be perfect for a photoshoot.

The Old Harris Mill is named as one of the most famous abandoned places in Rhode Island. This mill hybrid was formerly a mainstay of the city’s commercial activity. However, all we know about the head company is very few.

The mill is now undergoing renovations. It’s been suggested that this area should be converted into luxury apartments. The historical society, on the other hand, is trying to avoid that. Local news reveals that people will rebuild this place as flats, but they get many online criticisms.

Old Ice Cream Station

Based on the appearance of this structure, there was a time when buildings were designed to resemble the products they advertised. This odd architecture stored ice cream and dairy storage in the 1920s. Many locals claimed that their ice cream was the best in town.

Then it soon became one among the most well-known abandoned places in Rhode Island. Lots of people once came here to take photos of this strange sculpture and enjoy their ice cream.

Old Stone House – Narragansett

This oceanfront property in Scarborough State Park has more or less endured through the test of time. If you feel a little bit tired, you can enjoy the fresh air and quiet environment in the Old Stone House.

One thing you need to be cautious about is poison ivy. But believe us, you will have a great chance to experience the beauty of nature while venturing here.

Century-Old Train Station, Central Falls – Pawtucket

Pawtucket Pat is a familiar place if you have watched Family Guy. Actually, Pawtucket is not an imaginary place. It’s a real, large city with a railway station with the same name as the island. By its construction in 1915, the station had been the state’s crowded transit hub.

However, the transit patterns shifted. The city chose to close it in the time between the 1950s and 1960s due to financial issues. Even though this place was never reopened, it remains an important part of the local history. The location is a historically significant place, and people are planning to use it again.

Rocky Point Enchanted Park

If you think Enchanted Forest is the only closed park at Rhode, you might be wrong. Almost everyone has known about Warwick Rocky Point, which has a quintessential 1980s aestheticism.

This park, which operated from 1840 till 1992, was recorded as the earliest amusement parks in America.

Some rumors say that this place has ghosts, which can be dreadful for visitors. Although the place is close to water, it is not recommended for any water-involved activity. What’s lurking around may scare you.

Enchanted Forest – Hopkinton

The allure of fairy tales that are read to you while you sleep is undeniable. If you’re looking for a place that seems magical, Enchanted Forest may meet your expectations.

It is a Disney-styled and fairytale-themed park, which is popular for families to bring their children to perform fairy tales. Despite the lack of rides, this area has playgrounds for tourism.

Rocky Point Hotel

Undoubtedly, Rocky Point is visited frequently in Rhode Island. Because it wasn’t just residents who were looking for a place to sleep at night, the Rocky Point Hotel can be a cool destination.

This little hotel offered a warm welcome for visitors from out of state who came to see the famous amusement park.

Fort Mansfield – Westerly

Fort Mansfield, erected in 1901, is another abandoned coastal artillery structure. Due to a “fatal error” in its construction, the fort was withdrawn from the list of operational coastal units in 1909. To prevent the site from being developed, the fort was sold to a private consortium in 1926. Many efforts have been recently made to maintain the land and protect it from vandals and explorers, but this location is still easy to access.


Hopefully, the list of abandoned places in Rhode Island has provided you with detailed information for your trip. So, let’s enjoy a great time and adventure here!

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