Looking for something extra special at an affordable price? Everyone deserves their chance to shine, and accentuating their lifestyle and now you can do all that with Wontag Watches.

The company was founded in 2017 and was inspired by Venice, from where they borrowed the warm spirit and minimalist mindset for their designs. They have been working with leaders in the industry to come up with an secure, affordable, stylish looking watch that everyone will love and we must say they have absolutely accomplished that goal.

Introducing the Wontag Watches – an accessory with a minimalist look with highest quality materials that would give you that finishing touch every outfit needs, and all that at an affordable price!

Good design is about more than looks—it’s also about how well something complements your life. But to Wontag Watches, form and function aren’t mutually exclusive – they’re inherently linked.

The watches have cleaner watch dial which is one you can read at a glance, slimmer cases which won’t catch on your sleeve and won’t weigh you down by adding unnecessary extra bulk. They are created, guided by one essential principal – good design for better living, which the company swears by. Their goal is simplicity—capturing only what’s truly essential in an uncomplicated, great-looking way.

What is really great about this brand is that they are intensely passionate about design. For achieving this clean, uncluttered and streamlined look, they go back to their Italian roots. Guided by their less-is-more approach, their understated products look right any time of day, anywhere in the world, now or 10 years from now.

Simplicity isn’t just beautiful – it’s versatile!