Its Day 1, of 2018.  Are you pumped up?  Most likely not and like most are carrying over the same habits from 2017.  But listen here, the buck stops now!  No more procrastinating.  There is no need to brag about your PhD in procrastination. 

So here are a few list of great things to follow to get you to your beautiful, shinning self.

1. Get Fit. Stay Fit.

Losing weight is the top resolution for women.  Its something over a third of the population wishes to achieve.  Easy to start but its hard to keep a steady pace with diet.  But we believe in you, and you need to believe in yourself.  Stay the course and then show us the new you!

2. Eating Healthier.

Diet is an important part of life.  You are what you eat, as they say!  Switching to a healthier diet can be incredibly tricky and hard thing to do, cause you are surrounded by junk food, fatty food.  You have to stay focused.  Determined to do your body good.  You are in control of the food; not the other way around.  Learn to control eating out of emotions, that a killer.  And be aware of diets that you can’t keep up with.  Healthy recipes are a key.  Good luck with this.


Seriously, you need to stop doing this to yourself.  Not only are you putting your life on hold, but your preventing yourself from glowing into your radiant self.  Whatever the reasons are, bottom line is your the one in control.  Every choice you make has a effect on you and the people around you!  This is the biggest reason people don’t reach their goals.  Its a bad habit and its not going to be easy, but you can do it.  There are roses on the other side for you to smell.  So go do it already and stop thinking about it.

4. Stay Focused.

People’s mental ability to stay focused is declining at a rapid speed.  Over the years many have tired to find ways to improve focus through mental exercise and herbal medicine. Today there are apps and meditation techniques you can use to help increase your concentration and focus.   Once you are able to focus, you will be able to control your mood, obtain knowledge faster and become a wizard at problem solving.

5. Take Chances. Become more confident.

The way you carry yourself is always noticed by people.  Confidence is your energy and you will draw more people into your circle to have your opinions heard.  Confidence leads to happiness.

6. Playtime.

That’s right.  We as adults as we grow older, we forget the pearls of wisdom we learned to get here.  Remember playtime when we were kids and how much fun we had just being goofy.  Well we need to do that more as adults to reduce stress.

7. Treat Yourself

Do one thing each week that you love.  Whether its taking a walk around the block, workout for 10 mins, or simply taking yourself out to a movie.  Find a way to treat yourself.

8.  Unfollow Negative people

Now is the time to erase those from your life that bring you down.  You won’t believe how hate reading effects your mood and energy.  And then without you knowing it, your giving that negativity to someone else.  Go through your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and do a mass unfriending and unfollowing of all the people whose content makes you sick!

9. Stop Looking at your phone all the time.

That’s right.  Put it down!  Look up, there is life happening around you.  There is beauty in silence.  Empty space was once where most people discover who they really are; now your feeding yourself with nonsense all the time.  The phone is one relationship that doesn’t need to always get its way!

10. Drink Water.

People, please.  You need to hydrate yourself.  Your not a machine yet!  Keep water at your desk, beside your bed, drink it all the time!