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The First Lady of the US wore a bright red Dior suit jacket, a matching skirt and red heels as she arrived in the Enfants Malades wing at Necker Hospital in Paris earlier today. She visited a hospital where she spoke in French to young patients as well as staffers.

Melania spoke to the children about Paris, which she called ‘beautiful’, and asked about the toys they were playing with. ‘I always say how important it is to have, you know, teachers in children’s lives,’ Melania told educators in the room. ‘It’s the most important. They see them every day and spend so much time. It’s very important in the child’s life. Sometimes it’s not easy, right? You’re doing a great job.’

There was another awkward greeting moment for her husband Donald when he met with the First Lady of France -Brigitte Macron.  “You’re in such good shape,” Trump said to her, before turning to President Macron, and turning back to point at the body of Macron’s wife. “She’s in such good physical shape,” he added with what seems like genuine surprise. “Beautiful.” Trump kissed Macron, Parisian-style, once on each cheek, before taking both her hands for a long grip, in which he pulled her left arm towards him as she appeared to be struggling to get him to let go. Awkward!  Somebody, please give this man some etiquette lessons!

Watch the video below:

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