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Melania Trump donated her inaugural ball gown to the First Ladies’ Collection at the Smithsonian Institution. The vanilla silk, off-the-shoulder gown featured a slit skirt, ruffled accent trim from the neckline to the hem and a claret ribbon around the waist.

“It can be a daunting task to choose an outfit that will be mesmerized and become part of our nation’s story and forever history,” she said at ceremony, ABC News reports. She added that Pierre only had two weeks to design the gown. “It is now my hope that this piece is one of the many great beginnings to our family’s history here in Washington, D.C.”

The First Lady said she hoped the dress, a vanilla silk, off-the-shoulder couture piece created by the French-born designer Hervé Pierre, would be “one of many great beginnings to our family’s history here in Washington D.C.”

“While I may be the one on stage, I want to take a moment to introduce you to the person behind my gorgeous couture piece,” said Trump before asking Pierre, dressed in a what looked like a morning suit and sneakers, to stand in the small crowd of about 100 gathered for the ceremony. She called the designer “a true artist and a real professional.”

Melania talked about the gown’s origin story. “As most of you know, before being elected president my husband was never in politics,” she began, “So you can imagine that after he won we were very busy with all that goes into preparing for a new administration and all the changes that we as a family would be facing. To be honest,” she continued, “what I would wear to the inaugural ball was the last thing on my mind, in fact by the time I got around to thinking about my wardrobe choice poor Hervé was only given two weeks to design and produce this couture piece.”

Trump said she was “honored” to donate the couture gown to the exhibit, which spans over 200 years with First Ladies’.

For today’s occasion Mrs Trump wore Dolce & Gabbana!