She took over the world of fashion as the coolest and most stylish celebrity designer. Now her next goal is the Beauty world!

Victoria launched 14 piece limited edition collection with Estée Lauder. Victoria believes in the power of key pieces that can be used to pull-off easy and on-go looks. She’s organized the pieces into four subsets – named after her favorite cities. Victoria Beckham’s globe-trotting beauty playbook features simple sweeps of eyeshadow, dusting of highlighter, and finger-dabbed applications of lipstick that only get better as the day wears on.

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“With this makeup collection, I want to make women everywhere feel empowered, beautiful and confident. Inspired by my favourite cities in the world, this collection reflects my own personal beauty vision,” said Victoria on the fall 2017 collection. “My experience in front of the camera has taught me how the right light can create the perfect skin tone and texture, and give definition to bone structure. These signature products recreate that same effect for you. They are the starting point for every one of my City Looks and are all you need for fresh, glowing skin and beautifully defined features.”

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“Smart. Sophisticated. Strong. Sensual. These are the values I share with my customers all over the world. Celebrating fashion, colours and the places I have visited. I am passionate about this collection. For me, makeup is the ultimate wearable luxury.”

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