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This season the feeling is very much 1950s meets early 80s with a few sprinkles of 60s Bardot thrown in. It’s all about strong make-up. Key elements are eyeliner, contouring and the perfect deep lip. Make a statement and wear it with conviction, show you mean business and knock ’em dead! As long as your application is flawless anything goes – just be bold with the look you choose.

There is a big focus on eyeliner this coming season as seen at Jasper Conran AW 09. This trend was echoed at many shows and ranged from a gentle flick to a very bold eyeliner /shadow which included the lid as well as the lash line, creating an exaggerated version of the original Audrey Hepburn eyeliner. This homage to the 50s is a much stronger and fiercer shape almost bordering on punk, making it fresh and interesting.


Tools are paramount, so always make sure you have a sable micro fine eyeliner brush in your cosmetic bag before you begin to attempt this make-up and a newly-sharpened black kohl pencil. My favourite is Elizabeth Arden’s Smoky Eyes Powder Pencil (priced £16 and available from department stores nationwide)with a tub of Muji’s fine stem cotton buds to hand so that you can correct any mistakes

If you have always found this look quite tricky try it with a kohl pencil rather than a liquid liner. I tend to jump straight in at the deep end and start with the actual flick, first drawing a ‘guideline’ from the outer corner of the eye in an upward sweep toward the temple. If you do this with your eye gently closed you can actually feel the natural contour with the pencil and you are less likely to make a mistake. If your angle/line goes awry, just dip your cotton bud in some eye make-up remover and start again.


Once you have established the angle and the length of your flick, take the pencil to the inner corner of your eye (closest to your nose) and continue across the middle of the lash line along to your flick (outer corner). If you wish to make this bolder, make the line much thicker on the lid rather than close to the lash line in an arch. But remember to taper the colour in the inner corner of the eye as you reach the outer flick (your eyeliner brush is essential here), as this makes the shape more refined.

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