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Barbie looks flawlessly perfect every moment of the day. Follow this tutorial for pure makeup perfection.


Start with a clear canvas. Start by removing any makeup you may have on your face. Gently cleanse your face, this will remove any impurities, bacteria and chemicals. Rinse off the cleanser and gently pat dry. This will give you a nice clean face that will act as a barrier and hold your makeup for a lot longer.


Used once a week, a glycolic peel makes your skin look radiant and improves the texture and tone of your skin! Apply to exfoliate the skin, shrink pores and minimize the appearance of sun spots and other skin imperfections.



Apply a good moisturiser preferably with SPF as it protects your skin against the harsh UV rays of the sun. Work the moisturiser into your skin with gentle, circular motions. What’s left on your hands bring down to your neck. Let the moisturiser sit for a few minutes so that it can sink into your skin and nourish it.

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Use Primer. Priming is something that is completely essential when achieving this look. Primers can prep your skin for whatever makeup you are about to apply, smooth out your skin for an even canvas and help the makeup to stay on throughout the day.

Portrait of radiant girl with glowing skin

Apply Foundation. Barbie always has flawless skin. So applying a foundation is considered an essential step. If the season is currently summer and it’s hot outside then a tinted moisturiser will work just as well. Pick out your favourite foundation making sure that it matches your skin tone perfectly. Pour a bit of foundation onto the back of your hand making sure that your hands are clean. Pick up the foundation with a Stippling brush. The stippling brush allows for a smooth even toned canvas, if you prefer to use a foundation brush then there is no problem as long as you don’t use your fingers. Using your fingers can result in many imperfections with your foundation for example one spot may have more foundation than the other resulting in an uneven toned canvas.

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