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You already know that French girls nail it in the style department. No matter the occasion, they’re somehow always effortless, cool, and elegant.


 Style in France is imbued with simplicity. Wealth and quality are conveyed by well-made garments and graceful carriage. In America, however, style can be conveyed with chic new sneakers or designer jeans. Unlike the U.S., leisure clothing has a very particular place in French society. Parisians pride themselves on elegance and they do think it’s gauche to wear sneakers or shorts in the city, even if that’s the trend.


French Style

Add edgy pieces to a feminine look.
Wear leather boots with a lace dress, a studded bracelet with a prom dress or a leather jacket over your tea dress. 

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Never look too “done.”
Keep your hair messy or your eye makeup slightly smudgy to get a real festival feel. Don’t worry if you have a run in your tights- wear them anyway! Mix and match unexpected patterns and textures for a “I just threw this on” look.


 Be brave and have fun!
My favorite thing about French style is that they are not afraid to have fun with fashion. So wear bright tights instead of black, or pair two loud-print pieces together instead of keeping one simple. Incorporate catwalk trends into your everyday look, and don’t be afraid to rock outlandish items with confidence.


French girls buy less, but spend more.
Fast fashion is very big in the U.S., but in France investment shopping is a way of life. French girls are masterful at mixing high and low, while many Americans shop with a quantity-over-quality mindset, mining bargain shops for frequent wardrobe injections.


American girls are very trend-influenced.
French women believe in uniform dressing, whereas American shoppers are more driven by trends. Every French girl has an individual style they adhere to every season, while American girls are more likely to change their style frequently to keep up with trends.




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