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Was there a show this fashion week viewed with more apprehension than Peter Copping’s first turn as Creative Director of Oscar de la Renta? When the beloved designer passed just a week after naming Copping his successor, many wondered if Copping had had enough time with the fashion titan to inhabit his brand. A lengthy profile in the New York Times just days before and a countdown by the brand’s own social media team added weight to the event, if it wasn’t already evident that all eyes would be on Mr. Copping.

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Certainly they shared similar views on women, and a belief that fashion exists to further their beauty and self-image. “We both like sophisticated women, feminine and romantic, so we’re on par in that respect,” he said. Copping’s debut collection would play to that vision, yet he stressed it’s neither his desire nor, he thinks, was it Oscar’s wish, for him to imitate what he thinks de la Renta would have done. “I’m sure he’d want me to get on board and find a way to forward the house,” Copping said.



First and foremost, this collection will please the legions of Oscar loyalists who will learn quickly that the new man in charge understands what the house is all about, and understands them. Having sent that message and having gotten what may have been the biggest challenge of his career, Copping can now focus more clearly on shaping his Oscar de la Renta. “It’s fantastic to come [to New York] and feel a very positive energy,” he said. “People have been very welcoming. They’re behind me, behind the house. People want it to succeed.”

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