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When it comes to patterns, designers are taking a linear approach this season. From mod zigzags to bold sailor motifs, stripes are dominating the runways. For spring, there’s only one rule of thumb — more is more.


While, it’s true, the power of optical illusion proves that horizontal stripes do have the power to make areas look wider, does that mean we cast out wearing stripes altogether?  And, is there even a way to wear horizontal stripes without looking like a big square block?

Statement Stripes


For years mothers have told their daughters that horizontal stripes do the female figure no favours and that vertical ones are more flattering. As a result, many women have spent their lives avoiding horizontal hoops for fear of looking fat.

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After all, horizontal stripes have become a perennial favourite in fashion collections. This season, designers including J. Crew, Juicy Couture and Stella McCartney are showcasing stripes, while navy-and-white striped Breton tops are ubiquitous in High Street stores such as Zara and Gap.


While horizontal stripes can create width, stripes that run in other directions, like vertically and diagonally, can be extremely slimming. If you want to wear stripes this season, try them on the diagonal, instead of horizontally.   It’s best to do this on the parts of your body that you want to appear slimmer than they really are. At the end, though,you just really need to find what’s working for your body time and makes you most comfortable!

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