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Coloured jeans are a hot fashion trend, but knowing how to wear this fashion-forward garment can be tricky if standard denim is all you’ve ever known. While there are many ways wear the look, matching the wrong top with the wrong colored jeans can cause your ensemble to become too flashy or unbalanced. You can often find a style that appeals to you simply by playing around with different outfit combinations, but if you feel a little lost on where to begin, here are a few starting places you can jump from.

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Set the tone with your jean colour. Wearing neutrals with your colored jeans allows you to wear jeans in both bright and subtle shades, so the color you choose will be what sets the tone of your outfit.


  • For the most subtle look possible, choose a jean in a pastel hue or a deep tone. For instance, you could go for a light mint green jean or a deep olive green jean.
  • For a bolder look, go with a bright color. A lime green jean, for example, is a bold fashion choice no matter what top you choose to wear with it. Wearing lime green jeans with neutral colors is a safe way to be a little loud, though.


Wear a coordinating neutral top. Choose a neutral top in a style that matches the tone set by your color choice.


  • Pastel jeans and deep tones work best with conservative blouses or a button-down shirt. A light mint green jean will pair well with a traditional denim button-down shirt, or a deep olive green might look nice with lacy off-white blouse.
  • A bold jean color matches well with a bolder style. A lime green jean can work with a black tank top accented with silver sequins. Funky necklines, peplum tops, and other embellishments also work well for bold colored jeans.
  • Also consider the underlying color tone of your jeans when choosing a neutral. Blue-toned colors tend to work best with cool-toned neutrals like black, gray, silver, and white. Red-toned colors tend to work best with warm-toned neutrals like brown, gold, and cream. Classic denim works well with nearly all jean colors.


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