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While jeans are traditionally considered casual wear, the right pair can easily be dressed up for your next casual Friday, romantic date, or night out with friends. Jeans are a tremendously versatile wardrobe basic.

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As long as you start with the right jeans, you can create nearly any look by knowing how and what to match them with.

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Before you purchase..

-If you have a thicker ankle than you’d like, buy the styles that have the zippers – much easier to climb in and out of

-don’t, whatever you do, buy a size too small. the correct fit is the best fit

-if they’re too long, don’t worry. It’s ok to have a little gather at the ankle. Especially if you’re intending to wear your skinny jeans with ankle boots

-dark coloured skinny jeans work better on plus size women

-designer boots almost always work with skinny jeans

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Consider a colored jean. Black or white denim can be dressed up with relative ease. Try to avoid funky, bold colors, however, since these may be more difficult to dress up and will likely go out of style after a season.

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Stylist: Aneliya Vasilieva

Photos: VivaluxuryBlogSpot.ca, Polyvore

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