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The MINI Skirt

Whether you’re pairing it with a white tee or a patterned blouse, you must never a miniskirt with any hint of décolletage or vulgarity. Keep your heels low and your makeup invisible. To be worthy of the name, a miniskirt must be perfectly cut. Whether it’s denim, cotton or leather, it should be straight and classically simple.

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The miniskirt is not supposed to be about wanting to seduce. Instead it’s a symbol of freedom. The miniskirt was born in Paris long before London’s swinging sixties. The first was commissioned from fashion designer Jean Patou in the early 1920s, when french tennis champion Suzanne Lenglen asked him to designed a skirt for her to wear for the Olympics. It set a news standard, of strong women competing in a man’s world, without relinquishing their femininity.


Ever since, the miniskirt has held a pivotal position in the back-and-forth between hide and show.. It captures that perfect moment between dressed and undressed – neither naked, nor concealed, that sweet spot between the two.


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