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You may recall the height of Color-blocking trends popularity first in the 1960’s and later in the 1980’s. This past spring, designers revisited color-blocking techniques and ended up creating some exciting modern styles. The public and press fell head over heels with the look, so designers continued the trend throughout their fall collections. Retailers are excitingly stocking stores, as we speak.

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You know colour blocking is in, but how do you execute the perfect colour block outfit?

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Without a doubt, colour-blocking is a bold and fun way to dress! The secret is to make sure the focus remains on you and not solely the style technique.

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There are three techniques to styling a colour-blocked outfit – select one:

Option A: Monochromatic = one color throughout entire outfit in different hues.

Option B: Separates = mix garments of contrasting (2-4) colors.

Option C: Stand-Alone = one color-blocked garment or accessory where the designer has already done all the work for you.

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I recommend you select an initial favoured colour in a hue that is flattering on you and then work from there to complete your outfit. Color-blocking does not mean your color selection must be bright – subdued hues work beautifully too. Combine a max of four colours in one outfit – two to three work best.

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Complete your look with neutrals – neutral colors (gray, brown, black, camel, white, navy, etc.), neutral designs and/or neutral accessories, as necessary. These neutral pieces can be gorgeous, yet they need to be visually uneventful in relation to the rest of your outfit to best support your chosen color-blocking style technique.


Stylist: Aneliya Vasilieva

Photos: Polyvore

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