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Ostensibly this show was meant to be a celebration of Paris as a global melting pot of cultures, races and religions. A cosmopolitan capital city that embraces all and refuses nothing.


But in the show, this turned into a potpourri of sartorial touchstones pulled from different decades. There were corrugated ‘80s style ruffle skirts, there was a ‘90s MC Hammer vibe to some of those wide-cut shimmering pants. The color palette mix of emerald green, purple, sapphire, orange and marigold were hues favored in the ‘70s. And one color block sweater had a Mod sixties vibe.



The runway was filled with plissé palazzo pants, see-through lace jumpsuits, red and purple confetti print ensembles and shimmering showgirl-beaded fringe tops to inspire countless slow motion snippet videos, vivid catwalk snaps caught with a cell phone and stop action shorts on Vine. There is a reason after all that Rousteing broke the 1 million users barrier.



Photos: Monica Feudi

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