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It was obvious before a single model had stepped onto the catwalk that Donatella Versace’s couture fashion show would be extravagant. After all, the runway was a 30-metre long glass case housing 25,000 freshly cut orchids. At the end, the flowers crept up the wall and crescendoed into a giant Medusa head.

Check out the whole Atelier Versace Fall 2015 Couture by clicking through the gallery.


Donatella Versace just cannot help but show off a woman’s body. Versace has never been a brand to pay heed to the stylist’s maxim that a good outfit should show legs or cleavage, but not both, and dresses were slashed to the naval, were backless or featured transparent sections around the ribs so that the whole torso was on show. Models’ headpieces were faux flower garlands fashioned from crystals.




Photos: Yannis Vlamos


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