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Future Vogue employees – take notes!

She’s one of the most famous and successful magazine editors in the world, legendary for her frosty manner, trademark bob and wearing sunglasses at all times – even during the Oscars ceremony. The most powerful woman in fashion and editor of Vogue for almost 30 years is rumoured to have been the model for Miranda Priestly, the terrifying magazine editor who hires Anne Hathaway in “The Devil Wears Prada”.


In an interview with Alistair Campbell for his new book Winners And How They Succeed, she shared the secrets of her success and her ideal Employee Qualities! With the nickname ‘Nuclear Wintour’ owing to her frosty demeanour Wintour, was made artistic director of Conde Nast by her employer in 2013 and editorial director in July 2014. She attributes being organised and a good delegator to her success, and says there’s no need to double and triple check what her staff are doing.

‘People work better when they have responsibility,’ she said.


She revealed that she has no idea how to make a dress, couldn’t create an image from a photo shoot and can’t write, and instead responds to other people’s talents. Her other tips for getting to the top include getting up early – she rises at 5am everyday – and ‘turning off’ at the weekend.

If you’ve ever dreamed about working at Vogue or if you simply find Wintour intriguing, scroll down to check out what she might be looking for the next time she makes an addition to the masthead.

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