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Wang’s favorite color is black and he’s not alone.

Technically the lineup was not totally black — there were two ivory fisherman sweaters worn with stonewashed jeans, two red plaids and a few metallic mesh getups. The rest was pitch black and hardcore, framed within the street sect of heavy metal. Had Wang enlisted an old-school collaborator for cred, it might have been Hot Topic, the mall store where angsty, alternative teens buy clothes that scare their parents.

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It was a gutsy, defiant collection.

Boots were angst-ridden – stompy and clompy and no doubt a teenager’s rebellious dream, while bags in cylindrical shapes came punctuated with studs so as to reiterate the surprising decorative element throughout the collection.


There was a dabbling with plaid for grunge anxiety and more waistcoat riffs for buttoned-up dresses later; some seriously enveloping sheer and shearling jackets and some befringed hippy skirts; while shoes got even more sci-fi and silver and pyjama-style suiting and velvet robes were thrown into the mix too. But with all of this came a seriously strong sense of luxury and finesse.




Photos: Yannis Vlamos

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