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Emma Watson took to Twitter to welcome her brand new Beauty and the Beast cast mates to the production!

“Could not be more happy that this man will be Beast!!! Welcome aboard @thatdanstevens #beautyandthebeast” the 24-year-old actress wrote on her Twitter account about Dan Stevens joining.BEAUTYANDTHEBEASTTEAM

“Bonjour Gaston! ❤️ Welcome! #BeautyAndTheBeast” she added about Luke Evans.


News broke just yesterday that Dan would be playing the Beast and Luke would be playing Gaston.


There are still so many more roles in the upcoming live action Disney musical that have yet to be confirmed. Emma Thompson has been rumored for Mrs. Potts, but no other rumblings have been officially acknowledged by Disney. Stay tuned to JustJared.com for the latest BATB casting!



Who will play Chip? Cogsworth? LeFou? Lumière? Maurice? Mrs. Potts? We need answers!

Production is expected to begin later this year.



Photos: Disney Entertainment, AP 

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