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“I’m obsessed with the gym but a little extra help never hurt nobody,” she captioned her most recent  Instagram post. Kardashian, 31, recently revealed that she dropped 35 lbs. thanks to her serious workout dedication.


On Thursday, the reality star shared a photo on Instagram showcasing her what all those hours wearing that thing can do.

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It’s really scary to see Khloe like this because she has always been such a very sexy curvy woman, but in the above photo her waist looks entirely unnatural. A 22 inch waist is the 2015 average for American women, but Khloe’s waist looks like it’s only about half of that.

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“I know how I want to feel in clothes, and it does become addicting,” she told Australian radio station NOVA FM in July about her love for the gym. “Once you start losing weight and seeing results, you’re like, ‘I want to see more!’ ”

“I never looked at myself as the fat sister. Sometimes I would beat people to the punch and say, ‘Oh I’m the fat funny one,’ because that’s what people would say about me. But I never really thought that,” she said.


“With my divorce and even during the end of my marriage before it even got publicly bad, how I decided to cope with things was to go on the treadmill for an hour. I don’t know what prompted me to do that.”


“It was a very different coping mechanism. I felt so clear and I had nowhere else to go… It was just a place where I felt like I could process my thoughts and think clear or just have a moment to myself.”

Photos: Instagram