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The 26-year-old Heidi Agan, who definitely looks a lot like to the famous royal, recently began working as a Kate look-alike.


“It is so much fun being Kate’s look-alike and people are so nice and friendly to me all the time,” she admits. “But getting mobbed is quite bizarre and is like a snapshot of being a celebrity. In a few minutes I go from being my normal self to putting my dress on and people following me around. When they start to crowd around it can be intimidating.”


“Sometimes though I get people saying they hate the royals, or ‘You don’t look anything like her’.

“They just don’t get the joke. It’s meant to be fun, not deadly serious. I’m fully aware that I’m not Kate Middleton.”

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“Someone may idolise Elvis Presley or Kate Middleton and feel they have some sort of relationship with them, but when they meet a lookalike they are not bound by the same rules.

The normal boundaries are no longer there,” she says.


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