It had been billed as the biggest match between the two countries in decades – and one of the many families divided by tonight’s clash between England and Wales were the royals.



Prince Harry couldn’t hide his disappointment as brother William celebrated with wife Kate after the most incredible of comebacks saw Wales pull-off a stunning 28-25 victory at Twickenham.


Kate and William cuddling, with William, per an Us report (confirmed by photographs), even going so far as β€œcuddling her and sweetly laying his cheek next to hers.”



Tonight Kate gave her outfit of black coat and red scarf that royal seal with a pair of gorgeous gold hoop earrings. Now what we wouldn’t give to be able to dip into the Duchess’s jewellery collection for the day, but for now we might just settle for being able to wear the same earrings as her. This demure drop hoop style are from designer Catherine Zoraida and available to buy on her website (just click the link to the right to get a pair for yourself now!). Shop HERE


Photos: REX