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Capture the spirit of the holiday season with YSL’s precious, keepsake collection.

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Eye shadow, lipstick and blush all in one. Seven textural shades court one another, then unite in the ultimate lover’s tryst. High pearl gold, dark brown, silvery shimmer and champagne gold shadows emancipate a new smoky eye that captures the gaze of the onlooker and holds it forever in its power.


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 To celebrate the symbol of femininity, Yves Saint Laurent introduces the limited-edition Kiss & Love Collection embossed with red, pink, orange and nude love bites. The formula offers rich, luxurious color and deeply nourishing antioxidant care. Lips are soft, supple and smooth. A simply captivating collector’s item.




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Nails give new focus to the hands this holiday season, dressed in glittery limited-edition shades that speak of candlelit parties and mistletoe embraces.


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Photos Courtesy of Shop YSL

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