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Before you book your appointments (or break out the tweezers!) find out how to choose the right service for your best brows ever.

Beauty Female Eye With Curl Long False Eyelashes

Cost: varies by sa lon on average $15-$35+
Pros: Waxing gives you an overall clean look because it picks up even the finest hairs. Most waxed eyebrows can go up to 1 week before needing another wax job-which in any given case, can be avoided if simple maintenance is given at home.


Cons: Waxing leads to the most irritation for first timers because it uses hot chemicals that you may be allergic to and that your skin may be too sensitive for.  Also, if not placed in the appropriate places, you may accidentally take off more hair than desired.


Cost: pluckers vary by brand on average $.99-$10+
Pros: Perhaps the least irritating http://humanrightsfilmnetwork.org/ventolin technique for grooming your brows is the old fashioned way of plucking. Using tweezers allows for you to grab the hair from the base, pulling the entire root out at once.


Cons: Plucking can take hours to do because the technique is done hair by hair. Also, plucking only takes out the undesired hairs but does not trim the kept hairs. This con can possibly leave your brows looking only half their best.

Cost: varies by salon, on average $10+
Pros: Threading gives you the cleanliness that waxing gives you without using any hot chemicals. With a simple string, your eyebrows can be shaped and trimmed in only a couple of minutes. At about $10 a session, threading is also less expensive than waxing.


Cons: threading causes mild irritation depending on your skin’s sensitivity.

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