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If you find yourself stuck on how to choose and use bronzer, you’re not alone. Fact is, bronzer can be tricky to shop for and even trickier to apply correctly—but when a well-selected bronzer is applied correctly, it warms up and rejuvenates a dull, sallow, or too-pale complexion.


The general rule of thumb is to select a shade that’s only one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone. You can always ask for assistance at your beauty counter to help determine your exact shade.

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Fair Skin Tone: For women with lovely fair skin and especially those with light eyes or hair, use a sheer bronzer that has peach undertones. Avoid shades of red or brown since you’ll just end up on the orange side (think Oompa-Loompa!).


Product Recommendations: YSL Terre Saharienne Powder in Terre Ambree, Lancôme Star Bronzer Palette in Bronze Essence

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