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Happily married to her very own prince and with a second baby, Kate Middleton has a fairytale lifestyle most women desire. It turns out there is something else about the Duchess that we really covet — her hair. Kate’s luscious chestnut locks saw her named number one in a recent survey to find Britain’s ultimate hair idol, followed by Cheryl Cole and TV beauty Holly Willoughby.


It seems the bounce and body in Kate’s hair went a long way to securing her the top spot. A huge 70 per cent of women said they wanted more voluminous locks, and when asked what one thing they would change if they could, 41 per cent said they would like thicker, fuller-looking hair.

Day Nine: The Championships - Wimbledon 2015 - Philip Brook and Kate Middleton

The poll of 2,000 women, which was conducted by Kérastase, revealed that a woman’s hair looks its best when she reaches 29, when she has more disposable income to spend on hair care and has moved past the experimental phase of her teens.


It also found that, on average, the typical British women will have had seven different styles to date, and will have been four different colours.

The 1980s was declared the worst decade for hair, and one in ten women said they regretted three of the styles they have sported in their lives — the 80s perm, the bob and the heavy fringe were named the top three.

More than 50 per cent of women admitted to experimenting with their hair a lot when they were younger, adopting styles including the sleek bob and a shaggy perm.



Over a quarter of the women asked had sported the layered ‘Rachel’ cut made famous by Friends in the late nineties, and a brave 36 per cent pulled off a pixie crop in their younger years.

It seems that our hair really is our crowning glory. Nearly half the women said that their hair is the most important part of their appearance. What’s more, 13 per cent would value their hair at between £5,000-10,000, five per cent believe it’s worth £100,000 and 8 per cent would value it at over £1 million.


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