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Jennifer was her supersexy self with a matte plum smoky eye and dewy nude lip. Inspired by Sharon Tate, stylist Lorenzo Martin created a voluminous hairstyle usingL’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle Boost It Volume Inject Mousse ($5). 

Here’s what you need to copy her hair look: 

– Clip-in hair extensions (same color or lighter than your own natural hair)
– Backcombing brush
– Sectioning comb
– Sectioning clip
– 2” barrel curling iron
– IT Hair Care’s Freeze IT Original Freeze Hairspray
– IT Hair Care’s Abyssinian Oil

1.Start with natural, air-dried hair.
Section off a 2-cm piece from the front of your hair to pull back over the hair extensions, secure with a sectioning clip. (Clip-in extensions are optional, but for big sexy volume a la J.Lo’s Golden Globes look, they are a definite must.) Affix the extensions onto the back of the head directly adjacent to the scalp. The higher you clip them the more volume you’ll achieve, so for a sexy sky-high look, place them towards the crown of your head.

2.Once in place, unclip the section of hair from step one. Backcomb the strands for a little extra umph, then lightly spritz on a layer of IT Hair Care’s Original Freeze Hairspray for a long-lasting hold that will keep your hair perfectly coiffed all night.
3.To add the finishing touches, work in a few drops the hydrating IT Hair Care’s Abyssinian Oil just at the bottom couple of inches of your hair.


Next take your 2-inch barrel curling iron and carefully add a few soft curls throughout the ends of your hair. Be sure to start the curl from the mid-lengths of your hair to achieve that iconic ’06s vibe. Gently work curls loose with a soft brush or fingertips and voila, an instant bombshell old-but-new classically beautiful look, just like J.Lo!

From the top, Jennifer Lopez’s nails seem like a simple (yet flawless) rose-gold manicure. But flip them over and you’ll findan extra blingy surprise: Her nail pro, L’Oréal Paris’s Tom Bachik, applied two Swarovski crystals beneath each nail.

Photos: Reuters

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