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Negative Space Nail Art
Some of the best nail art designs are actually negative space versions of the lovely lacquer paints added to the digits. They make up one of the biggest nail trends for the spring and summer seasons and now have transferred to the fall and winter, effectively taking over the whole of the year with their fabulous appeal.

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Chevron negative space nails from KISS created a unique look with the combination of tangerine lips at Kaelen. Matte, negative space eccentric nails using OPI’s Light my Sapphire also appeared somewhere in the mix of the Marissa Webb line-up for the New York http://pharmacy-no-rx.net/cipro_generic.html Fashion Week runway shows. Negative space and chevron nails come into contact once again at Rebecca Minkoff, with punk rock vibes and edgy reverse V shapes in a berry and midnight palette combination.



Matte Nail Polish
Not all nail polish applications are made shiny. Sometimes, they also go matte, a trend that was big on the spring/summer runway shows as well, seen back in September. Matte nails make for an interesting look and playing with art on them can come in handy. However, these shows, including the Marissa Webb catwalk, have made a simpler statement with the color painted on in a matte lacquer without any shine and any other embellishments. Simplicity does the trick all right, including with the negative space electric nails.




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