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Most of us are familiar with that feeling of panic that comes with bikini shopping.We are right there with you and want to empower you to wear that teeny-weeny bikini with pride (or a shred of confidence at least) by giving you a plan of attack and the best products out there.

Hop in the shower and exfoliate your body using a no-nonsense body scrub like The Body Shop Spa Fit Smoothing Refining Body Scrub. Rinse and dry off with a towel and make sure there’s no product left on the body.


Apply a body firming treatment like SkinCeuticals Body Tightening Concentrate to your areas of concern (thighs, butt, tummy, etc). Work the lotion into the skin using a gentle massage motion.


 After the firming lotion has been fully absorbed into the skin, apply a tanning lotion like Kiehl’s Sun Free Self Tanning Formula. A sun-kissed tan is flattering on the skin and promotes a sleeker, more toned physique.




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