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Because no one likes those pesky, puffy suckers.
Q: My under eye bags are out of control. What can I do to deflate them or at least minimize their appearance?

A: First you have to figure out why you have them. Are they genetic (do your mom and dad have them)? Or are they cropping up because you haven’t been drinking enough water, you’ve been eating salty foods, you have allergies, or you’ve been pulling all-nighters?

If your under eye bags are genetic, there are few over-the-counter options you can try to deflate them. However, by doing things like drinking eight glasses of water a day, getting enough sleep at night (seven hours or more), and watching your salt intake, you can help reduce the look of them, but they won’t disappear entirely.

If you’re already getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, and steering clear of salty foods, other ways you can battle under eye bags is with an eye cream that contains caffeine, like Olay Pro-x Restorative Eye Cream, that will help tighten the skin, reducing the puffiness, and also help with drainage. You can also keep two spoons in the refrigerator and, in the morning, lay the backs of each spoon over your under eye bags and gently slide them toward the outer corner of your eyes, applying a tiny bit of pressure. This will get the fluid that’s pooling underneath your eye to drain, while the cold spoon will help minimize the puffiness.

“If you have allergies, which play a role in puffiness since they contribute to the fluid build-up under the eye,” Dr. Doris Day, M.D., a cosmetic dermatologist in NYC, says, “be sure to take allergy relief medicine to minimize the amount of puffiness you might be experiencing.”

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