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The  high jewellery collection from Dior showcases the natural grace of stones in a most vibrant manner.


Like a love letter Monsieur Dior’s legacy, the Dear Dior high jewellery collection captures the spirit of an era that placed much emphasis on poise and panache.

Victoire de Castellane has revived the spirit of Monsieur Dior’s custom couture jewels, which are festooned not only with precious stones but also an inherent elegance and grandeur that the House of Dior – and thus the woman that wears them – is synonymous with.


Dear Dior is comprised of bracelets, earrings, and rings mounted with precious stones that exude vibrancy in their colours and bold volume. It goes down to the littlest details, and turning the pieces over reveals backs that recapture the exact design of the lace on Dior’s couture dresses; the gold and jewel handiwork fashioned in the hands of Parisian craftsmen.

Courtesy of Christian Dior

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